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Merakey Education Center Woodhaven

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center Woodhaven
(Philadelphia County | 215-671-5155)

The Merakey Education Center Woodhaven is an approved academic school that has educated students with developmental disabilities for over 25 years. The school is located on a 72-acre campus at the Merakey Education Center Woodhaven in Northeast Philadelphia. The location offers a safe and spacious therapeutic environment for students. Facilities available include a gym, auditorium, and well-maintained grounds. The school provides instruction on a full time basis for students who have had difficulties adapting to a formal school setting. Each student is provided age-appropriate instruction and support services in speech/language, occupational therapy, art, physical education, and therapeutic recreation.

The school serves students ages 7-21, grades 1 - 12 with a primary diagnosis of an Intellectual and Developmental Disability. Mild to severe levels of impairment with accompanying medical, dietary, or behavioral concerns are also welcome. IQ is not used as a reference or basis for enrollment. Each classroom is staffed with a certified teacher and a classrrom aide. Class size is kept small in order to provide individualized attention to the needs of each student. Interdisciplinary, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) based, instructional services are provided in compliance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates for children ages 7 through 21. Extended School Year (ESY) is offered for five weeks each summer: Monday through Friday and/or as determined by students' needs. The Merakey School Woodhaven has the ability to serve and support children with complex medical needs and children with behavioral challenges.

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School Address:
2900 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154 (view map)
School Phone Number: 215-671-5155
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 724-532-2302

Kevin Forbes - Director Name: Kevin Forbes
Title: Operations Director
Email: kevin.forbes@merakey.org
Phone: 267-280-3709 (cell)
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Archived News from School Year 2015-2016

The Mystery of Our Shores

(11.2015) - NHS School Woodhaven students (under the artistic guidance of teachers Ms. Tolz and Ms. Streff) are contributing artists for the piece “The Mystery of Our Shores” presented at The NHS Foundation’s 12th annual “Leading the Way Gala.” We all count it a privilege to serve!

The Mystery of Our Shores

Fall Festival Project

(10.2015) - During the “Fall Festival”, students study nature for inspiration, sit down to decide over lunch what they want to do together as a group project with the intent of learning how to construct those ideas participating in a small group.

Fall Festival Project Fall Festival Project

Compass Learning

(10.2015) - In addition to project based learning activity, NHS School Woodhaven students make daily use of the “Compass Learning Lab” and “Smart Board Room” to engage in online lessons via compasslearning.org. We find that assistive technology is a great way to help students retain difficult concepts and prepare for the PASA.

Compass Learning on Smart Board Room

Anti Bullying

(10.2015) - NHS School Woodhaven students actively participated in Anti Bullying initiatives during the month of October.

Anti Bullying

Science Project "Think Tank" Stage

(10.2015) - NHS School Woodhaven creates the expectation that every student engages actively in learning the scientific method. Our teachers and staff created a Scientific “Think Tank” where learners would have opportunity to experience how scientists work in a lab. We deem the activity a success given the high level of student involvement in their work.

Science Project Think Tank Stage Science Project Think Tank Stage Science Project Think Tank Stage