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Merakey Education Center Warrington

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center WARRINGTON (Bucks County | 215-293-9092)

The Merakey Education Center Warrington is a Licensed Private Academic School that provides specialized educational programming to students who need full-time autistic support and/or full-time emotional support. Conveniently located off of County Line Road in southwestern Bucks County, our campus is poised to serve the educational needs of students who live in a variety of school districts in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, as well as in the City of Philadelphia. Each classroom is managed by a certified special education teacher and includes a highly-qualified classroom aide.

Our center offers highly individualized programming for each student, and includes services driven by the principles of applied behavioral analysis. Additionally, individual support services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and one-on-one support staffing are also included, as appropriate, for every student. We believe in a collaborative, open and transparent team approach, and are committed to working with families and local school districts to assure each student reaches his or her full potential.

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School Address: 40 Valley Road, Warrington, PA  18976 (view map)
Mailing Address: PO Box 624, Warrington, PA 18976
School Phone Number: 215-293-9092
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 724-532-2302

Brittany D’Angelo Name: Brittany D’Angelo
Title: Education Director
Email: BDAngelo@merakey.org
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Archived News from School Year 2015-2016

Student Achieves his Dream

(01.22.2016) - Burger King in Warrington, PA has entrusted their customer service to Dane, one of NHS School Warrington’s students. For several months, Dane has been dreaming of gaining community employment, increasing his independence and earning his own money. Burger King made Dane’s dream a reality by hiring him this past fall. His success has been astounding! Dane has taken on many responsibilities, including working in the drive thru during the lunch rush, maintaining the lobby and delivering food to customers. His dedication to his job is excellent. Dane ensures that he is clean, dressed and prepared for work. He stays focused during his job and works hard according to his manager. Dane’s family has been very supportive of his progress as he transitions into adulthood and we feel blessed to have him in our school. Dane encourages other students to reach for their goals and to make good choices in life. Keep up the good work, Dane!

Student Gains Community Employment

(01.22.2016) - Antinino (Nino) is a bright young man in Ms. Amy's classroom at NHS School Warrington. He is helpful, intelligent and loves coming to school each day. However, Nino desired more in his life. With the support of his teacher, Nino gained employment at Chick-Fil-A in Warrington, PA. He began working earlier this month and has been doing excellent. Nino works as the lobby host, and refills customers’ drinks, greets them and wishes them farewell. He also maintains the lobby and assists customers with their meals. It is incredible to see how well Nino is generalizing the skills he has learned at the school into the community so quickly. Nino is proud of his independence and of his ability to earn his own money. We are all so proud to see how quickly he has blossomed into a bright young man. This experience has helped Nino understand the importance of hard work and staying focused as he moves into adulthood.

Thanksgiving Feast at NHS Schools in Philadelphia

(11.25.2015) - NHS School Warrington joined three other local NHS Schools at the Woodhaven campus in Philadelphia for the annual Thanksgiving Day Feast. Family and friends were invited to enjoy turkey, stuffing and side dishes made by staff, reflecting the diverse cultures within our schools. Students had a great time and the families were so happy to see their children enjoying this event.

Thanksgiving Feast at NHS Schools in Philadelphia Thanksgiving Feast at NHS Schools in Philadelphia Thanksgiving Feast at NHS Schools in Philadelphia

Spirit Week at NHS School Warrington

(11.06.2015) - NHS School Warrington participated in “Spirit Week” in which students and staff were encouraged to join all the NHS Schools across the state of Pennsylvania in showing their enthusiasm for their work and students. Everyone enjoyed dressing up like their favorite superheroes and coming to school with “crazy hair”.

Spirit Week at NHS School Warrington Spirit Week at NHS School Warrington

Group Contingency

(10.30.2015) - NHS School Warrington utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to improve educational and behavioral outcomes for the students we serve. One of the strategies used this year was a group contingency to improve the social, communication, coping and cooperation skills of our students. Aligned with our School-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan, students worked together to earn enough Dragon Dollars to spray Ms. Jamie, the Director of the program, with silly string. All the students had to support one another in making the right decisions to achieve their goal. The students accomplished this objective and were thrilled at the opportunity to be silly at school.

Group Contingency Group Contingency

United against Bullying

(10.21.2015) - NHS School Warrington joined all NHS Schools across the state of Pennsylvania in wearing orange to support our efforts to stop bullying and to educate others on the impact of bullying on victims, bullies and their families, friends and teachers. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Back to the Future Day

Back to the Future Day

(10.21.2015) - NHS School Warringotn had a Back to the Future Party on October 21, 2015, the same day that Marty McFly visited in 'Back to the Future - Part 2'. The students enjoyed pizza, cake and a comfortable afternoon of relaxation while watching the movie, 'Back to the Future - Part 2'.

Back to the Future Day

A visit from the Fire Department

(10.16.2015) - The Warrington Fire Department was kind enough to come to NHS School Warrington on October 16, 2015 to give a presentation to our students about what they do daily during their jobs as firefighters. They allowed the students to look at their equipment and explained how it’s used. Students were able to wear firefighter gear and sit inside the truck!


The students are learning methods of maintaining the landscape around their school building. They are excited to plant and nurture new life and watch it grow with their care. It’s a great, hands-on way to learn about science too!

Landscaping at NHS School Warrington Landscaping at NHS School Warrington

Armed Forces

The brother of one of our teachers who is a war veteran talked about his job in the military and showed the students some military equipment and devices such as MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), his uniform and his awards for service. He also shared some pictures of the beautiful landscape in Iraq with Palm Trees. The students were intrigued by his presentation. They learned how disciplined and dedicated the military is in preparing soldiers for their jobs.

Armed Forces Armed Forces Armed Forces

Armed Forces

Setting expectations and celebrating successes

(10.08.2015) - NHS School Warrington has opened the 15/16 school year with a new School Wide Positive Behavior Support Plan in which students earn Dragon Dollars for demonstrating the replacement skills they need to be successful in their everyday lives within school, their homes and communities. We love celebrating their successes

NHS School Warrington is Setting expectations and celebrating successes NHS School Warrington is Setting expectations and celebrating successes

October Happenings at our school

  • October 8 - is Picture Day (8:30am )
  • October 9 - is Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Day
  • October 16 - is Visiting Day: the Warrington Fire Department will come to NHS School Warrington with their truck and provide a demonstration to the students.
  • October 21 - is Wear Orange for Bullying Prevention Day and the celebration of “Back to the Future Day”.

Archived News from School Year 2013-2014

The Circus Comes to NHS Schools' Field Day

It was a circus atmosphere at the joint field day celebration for the NHS Schools Philadelphia and Warrington on Friday, May 30. The festivities took place on the NHS Woodhaven Campus in Northeast Philadelphia, and began with all staff, students and guests participating in a brisk and energetic walk around the long campus drive in honor of their good friend Matty. Once the walk was completed, students, staff and family members enjoyed a variety of circus-themed activities and food, including posing for portraits with the bearded/mustached lady, performing acrobatic flips in the giant moon bounce, jumping through watery hoops on the giant slip-and slide, and eating freshly-spun cotton candy. There was a fabulous turnout of family members and guests for a fantastic day that won't soon be forgotten. The students are looking forward to Field Day 2015!

Field Day Field Day

Autism Walk and Student Bench Memorial Dedication at the NHS Woodhaven Campus

autism walkWEDNESDAY, April 2, 2014 @10am

Please join the students and staff from the NHS Schools Philadelphia and Warrington on a walk around the NHS Woodhaven Campus to celebrate and support our students and other consumers with Autism. The event will begin with a memorial dedication ceremony in honor of one of our students, Jake Harkins, who tragically passed away earlier this school year. This will take place at the playground by the school.

The walk will begin at the NHS Woodhaven Administration Building, following the main campus drive – walking left from the flagpole, around the main drive, then ending back at the Administration Building for the conclusion.

Please be sure to grab a refreshing drink upon finishing the walk, thanks to a donation made by our event sponsors at Wawa.

Celebrating Unity Day

Staff and students at the NHS School Philadelphia and NHS School Warrington celebrated Unity Day in a number of unique and fun ways. The staff and students dressed up in orange clothing to show their unity. Some classrooms served special orange snacks, including orange milk and orange pudding. Other classes dedicated time to teaching special lessons on bullying, and what it means to be a buddy instead of a bully. With the unity enthusiasm these classrooms have, bullying doesn't stand a chance at our schools!

Unity Day Unity Day Unity Day

'Action Karate' Visits Our School

Students from the NHS School in Philadelphia and NHS School Warrington came together for an afternoon of martial arts and physical fitness instruction at the NHS Woodhaven Gymnasium on September 27. The staff from Action Karate demonstrated a number of basic skills in martial arts and self-defense for the students, and then had the students practice their moves directly with the instructors. They were so impressed with the students and had such a great time,that they volunteered to be a corporate sponsor for the NHS Team Voices for Autism at the upcoming Walk Now for Autism Speaks event in Philadelphia!

Thanks to Action Karate, and great job NHS School students!

Action Karate Visits our School Action Karate Visits our School