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Merakey Education Center Scranton

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center SCRANTON (Lackawanna County | 570-496-4300)

Since opening our doors in the fall of 2010, Merakey Education Center Scranton has experienced a great deal of change. We began as an Autism School with 1 classroom, 3 students and 3 staff members. Our school has grown in the past five years, and we now have three Autism Support and two Emotional Support classrooms. The school has also added the Building Bridges Program for girls and a very active Transition Program.

Building Bridges is a specialized program offering girls, ages 12-18, a safe educational learning environment. The program is gender responsive and implements the six domains of adolescent female development and functioning. These domains are Physical, Sexual, Relational, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual. The program takes into account the unique academic and behavioral health needs of adolescent girls and young women. Our Transition Program begins when a student turns 14 years old. Transition services embrace practical learning and provide opportunities for our students to enhance their self esteem, personal growth, and self discovery. The students at our school run our school store, the all Star Café, and our internal and external cleaning companies. As part of their job responsibilities, they create a resume, fill out an application, and interview before being assigned to a job. Each week, Merakey School Scranton focuses on a Resiliency word or topic. The word or topic is introduced at the beginning of the week and included in many lessons across different activities, so that students learn to recognize how they are Resilient in their everyday lives. Some of the words and topics are: Respect, Empathy, Hope, Responsibility, Communication, Achievement, Perseverance, and Commitment.

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School Address: 136 School Street, Scranton, PA 18508 (view map)
School Phone Number: 570-496-4300
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 855-530-4853

Cecilia Farrell - Director Scranton
Name: Cecelia Farrell
Title: School Director
Email: CFarrell@merakey.org
Phone: 570-445-0343
Mary Griffin AA
Name: Mary Griffin
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: MGriffin@merakey.org
Name: Michele D'Angelo
Title: Operations Manager
Email: Michele.DAngelo@merakey.org

Scranton Field Day

(05.29.2019) - The Merakey Education Center in Scranton, PA held their 9th Annual Field Day on May 17. After postponing the event for two weeks in a row due to inclement weather, staff moved the event indoors since it rained yet again! The students participated in activities such as a relay race, bean bag toss, face painting, and creating sand art bottles. The festivities continued in the cafeteria with hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn. Despite the change in location, the students had a wonderful time and the day was a great success!

Field Day at Scranton Field Day at Scranton
Field Day at Scranton Field Day at Scranton

Easter Eggs in Scranton

(04.18.2019) - This week, class 104 at the Merakey Education Center in Scranton, PA dyed Easter eggs during science class. The students measured rice and placed it in plastic bags along with drops of food dye. The class learned about color combinations and how to make new colors with the food dye. They took turns placing eggs in plastic bags and shaking them to dye the eggs! Students were successful in dying 16 eggs to bring home for Easter!

Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs

Celebrating Black History Month

(03.11.2019) - Students in Ms. Brianne's class from Merakey Education Center in Scranton, PA worked collaboratively to create a paper quilt to celebrate Black History Month in February. The quilt includes pictures of and quotes from African American heroes and jazz musicians. The quilt was inspired by the story from artist Faith Ringgold.

Black History Month

School Choice Week in Scranton

(02.22.2019) - Students at the Merakey Education Center in Scranton celebrated National School Choice Week in January. Yellow scarves, stickers, and posters were distributed to the students in each classroom. Students wrote words and drew pictures on certificates to express why they love their school. It was a great way to demonstrate the impact and importance of school choice!

School Choice Week School Choice Week
School Choice Week School Choice Week
School Choice Week School Choice Week

Holiday Activities

(12.2018) - In December, the students and staff at the Merakey Education Center in Scranton, PA were filled with holiday cheer as they competed in the annual classroom door decorating contest. The students collaborated on ideas and created beautiful works of art for their class. On their last day of school before the break, they enjoyed a holiday party and a visit from Santa!

Holiday Activities Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities Holiday Activities

November Highlights

(11.2018) - Celebrating Support Professionals Day - In recognition of Support Professionals Day in early November, the staff and students in the Merakey Education Center in Scranton gave gift bags to the van drivers, Behavioral Therapists, Classroom Aides, Behavior Interventionists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. The Merakey Education and Autism Centers thank all of our dedicated support professionals!

Thanksgiving Feast - Families joined the students at the Merakey Education Center in Scranton at their annual Thanksgiving Feast on November 21. The students in the Transition Program researched recipes, created shopping lists and shopped at the local grocery stores to purchase supplies for the feast. The various items on the menu were prepared by staff and students, and the school was decorated with crafts made in art class. The meal was above all expectations and enjoyed by all 100 guests.

A Busy October!

(10.2018) - The month of October began with a nice surprise at the Merakey Education Center in Scranton, PA. The North Scranton Rotary delivered dictionaries to our students after conducting a campaign to raise funds to support students in the local districts. In recognition of Red Ribbon Week, staff and students participated in daily activities to show their spirit.

On Halloween, the Transition and Middle School students created activities and snacks for their peers to enjoy. The students played the Mummy Game and wrapped their peers in toilet paper. They received prizes for who could wrap their peer the fastest, and who could use the most in 10 minutes. They also played musical chairs, pin the tail on the bat, and pin the face on the pumpkin. The students made candy aliens and popcorn for snack time. Students and staff had a “ghoulishly” good time!

Spectacular September in Scranton

(10.2018) - The Lackawanna College ROCKET Project, (Registrar’s Office Connecting Kids with Educational Tools) donated backpacks filled with school supplies to all the students at the Merakey Education Center in Scranton, PA. This project began in 2010 with 50 backpacks donated to one school. It has grown to over 1300 backpacks given out across 22 schools! Our students were thrilled to be part of such a wonderful project! Thank you, Lackawanna College!

The Elementary Emotional Support classroom has been using STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) during the month of September. Every Friday, they created fun science experiments that involved hands-on learning. Pictured are lava lamp and volcano creations. Students and staff mixed together oil and water with some food coloring for the lava lamps and added Alka Seltzer to make the bubbles flow. The volcanoes were made with foam paper, a water bottle, dish soap, vinegar and baking soda. They added a splash of red dye to give the lava some color. The students love science experiment Fridays!

On September 21, the students in the Autism program received their monthly visit from Therapy Dogs International. The students in the elementary classroom read books and sang songs to their furry friends. The middle school and high school students asked questions about the dogs, including how to train them. Students even had a chance to walk the dogs around the classroom on a leash.

End of the School Year Fun

(06.2018) - The Merakey Education Center Scranton ended the school year with a Field Day held on May 25 and Science Fair held on June 6. The theme of this year’s Field Day was All American Sports. The staff and students spent a fun afternoon outdoors participating in challenging events and being cheered on by their families. After completing all the events the students were awarded medals. We could not have asked for better weather from Mother Nature! The Science Fair was held in the evening to allow families and friends to attend and see all the projects our students created. From volcanoes to mammals, the students presented their information with guests and congratulated each other on a job well done.

Take a walk around our school and in the classroom!