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Merakey Education Center St. Anne

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center Saint Anne's (Philadelphia County | 215-423-0390)

Merakey Education Center St. Anne's is a school for students with autism and emotional support needs, opened in September 2015! For more information, call 215-423-0390!

Do you know a child or adolescent struggling with:
  • Managing behaviors at school?
  • Bullying from peers?
  • Making friends?
  • Achieving academic standards?
  • Communicating with others?
Merakey School St. Anne's in Philadelphia will offer:
  • Specialized behavioral programs
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Olweus Bullying Programs
  • The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)
  • LRE (least restrictive environments) plan
  • Transition programs
  • Specialized girls program
  • Additional services for students 18-21 years old
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  • School Calendar
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School Address: 2343 East Tucker St., Philadelphia, PA 19125 (view map)
School Phone Number: 215-423-0390
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 855-530-4853

Name: Joseph Mock
Title: Operations Director
Email: Joseph.Mock@merakey.org

Mock Grocery Store

(06.01.2017) - NHS School St. Anne’s in Philadelphia unveiled a new feature program in their Transition Skills Development Room, a mock grocery store. Through the generous efforts and support from TD Bank, the store was created for the students to learn inventory and math skills, social engagement, interaction building, and teamwork. This new and fun activity adds a special feature to their growing transition services program. Congratulations, St. Anne’s, and our heartfelt thanks for TD Bank’s continued efforts to assist our students!

Mock Grocery Store Opens at NHS School St. Anne’s Mock Grocery Store Opens at NHS School St. Anne’s Mock Grocery Store Opens at Merakey Education Center St. Anne's

A Productive Extended School Year (ESY)

(08.03.2016) - Students at the NHS School St. Anne’s in Philadelphia were very productive during the Extended School Year (ESY) this summer. They practiced their social skills when they hosted the students from the NHS School Philadelphia for lunch, games and an ice-cream party. Students also learned how to ride public transportation when they took the bus to Chuck E. Cheese’s for games and pizza. And, they attended the grand re-opening of the Cione Playground, across the street from the St. Anne’s School. It has been a great summer so far, and students and teachers are already looking forward to the new school year!