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Effective April 1st, NHS Schools have changed their name to Merakey Education and Autism! NEW NAME, SAME MISSION.
Merakey Education Center St. Anne

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center Saint Anne's (Philadelphia County | 215-423-0390)

Merakey Education Center St. Anne's is a school for students with autism and emotional support needs, opened in September 2015! For more information, call 215-423-0390!

Do you know a child or adolescent struggling with:
  • Managing behaviors at school?
  • Bullying from peers?
  • Making friends?
  • Achieving academic standards?
  • Communicating with others?
Merakey School St. Anne's in Philadelphia will offer:
  • Specialized behavioral programs
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Olweus Bullying Programs
  • The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)
  • LRE (least restrictive environments) plan
  • Transition programs
  • Specialized girls program
  • Additional services for students 18-21 years old
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Mock Grocery Store

(06.01.2017) - NHS School St. Anne’s in Philadelphia unveiled a new feature program in their Transition Skills Development Room, a mock grocery store. Through the generous efforts and support from TD Bank, the store was created for the students to learn inventory and math skills, social engagement, interaction building, and teamwork. This new and fun activity adds a special feature to their growing transition services program. Congratulations, St. Anne’s, and our heartfelt thanks for TD Bank’s continued efforts to assist our students!

Mock Grocery Store Opens at NHS School St. Anne’s Mock Grocery Store Opens at NHS School St. Anne’s Mock Grocery Store Opens at NHS School St. Anne’s

A Productive Extended School Year (ESY)

(08.03.2016) - Students at the NHS School St. Anne’s in Philadelphia were very productive during the Extended School Year (ESY) this summer. They practiced their social skills when they hosted the students from the NHS School Philadelphia for lunch, games and an ice-cream party. Students also learned how to ride public transportation when they took the bus to Chuck E. Cheese’s for games and pizza. And, they attended the grand re-opening of the Cione Playground, across the street from the St. Anne’s School. It has been a great summer so far, and students and teachers are already looking forward to the new school year!

School Address: 2343 East Tucker St., Philadelphia, PA 19125
School Phone Number: 215-423-0390
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 724-532-2302

Name: Joseph Mock
Title: Operations Director
Email: Joseph.Mock@merakey.org

Archived News from School Year 2015-2016

Portside ArtsMobile project teaches NHS School St. Anne’s students emotions through art

- By Melissa Komar (starnewsphilly.com)

(03.16.2016)Students at NHS School St. Anne’s participated in unique art classes thanks to the Portside ArtsMobile project. On Tuesday, March 1, the school, which is located at the former St. Anne’s Catholic elementary school building, 2343 E. Tucker St., opened its doors and one of its classrooms to staff from the project, an initiative recently created by the Port Richmond-based nonprofit Portside Arts Center, 2531 E. Lehigh Ave.

NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah

Partnering with Thriftway Supermarket

(02.05.2016) - NHS School St. Anne's has partnered with Thriftway of Port Richmond, Philadelphia to develop students' vocational and life skills. As part of the NHS Schools' Transition Program, students prepare double bags for the grocery store after receiving bulk paper and plastic bags from the store. Thriftway of Port Richmond has allowed the students to place a flyer in each bag, demonstrating students' ability to be productive, contributing members of society. Special thanks to Thriftway of Port Richmond for supporting the autism community and NHS School St. Anne's!

NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah

A Hanukkah Celebration

(12.18.2015) - The students learned about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah last week. They read Hanukkah-themed stories, created handmade dreidels, and ended the week-long holiday by making traditional potato latkes served with apple sauce and sour cream. Our school prides itself in celebrating the diversity throughout Philadelphia and around the world.

NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah

NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah NHS School St. Anne’s Celebrates Hanukkah

Visiting Greensgrow Farms

Students and staff began venturing beyond the school walls on October 15 to explore their community. Greensgrow Farms, a nationally recognized leader in urban farming, is located just blocks away from the new school; making Greensgrow farms an ideal quick and easy field trip. Students walked around the maze of organic plants, pumpkins, and farm equipment to meet the various animals calling Greensgrow Farms home. They encountered turtles, chickens, "Ping" a Muscovy duck, and "Milkshake", the resident pig. Upon touring the greenhouse built from all donated and recycled materials, students returned to the school to discuss what they learned about their community and the farm.

NHS School St. Anne’s Visits Greensgrow Farms NHS School St. Anne’s Visits Greensgrow Farms NHS School St. Anne’s Visits Greensgrow Farms

New school eases way for autistic students – and brightens a neighborhood

(OCT 08, 2015) - Article provided by www.phillyvoice.com

Cards displaying the letters of the alphabet encircle the freshly-painted classrooms at the new NHS School St. Anne’s in Port Richmond. Cubby holes overflow with crayons and glue and paint. Tiny desks are arranged in tidy rows. But a closer look reveals a host of unfamiliar items. Therapeutic putty. Body socks. Stretchy bands. These are the toys and tools used to calm agitated kids. That’s because St. Anne's is the 19th NHS autism school to open in Pennsylvania, as part of NHS Human Services, a nonprofit founded in Philadelphia in 1969 that now serves 50,000 children and adults nationwide.

“Public schools lack the specialized services and individualized treatment that kids like these need,” says Rebecca Mann, vice president of operations. The most recent numbers from the Pennsylvania Autism Census Update indicate that nearly 4,000 Philadelphia children under the age of 21 receive autism services — and the numbers are rising. Read more...

NHS Hosts Open House and Ribbon Cutting at NHS School St. Anne’s

(AUG 26, 2015) NHS hosted an open house and ribbon cutting at the newly renovated St. Anne's School in the Port Richmond area of Philadelphia on Wednesday, August 26. After a year of renovations and upgrades to the 161 year old school, NHS is pleased to reopen the doors this fall to children with autism and emotional support needs. The parish, elected officials, community civic associations, and the neighborhood around the school have been overwhelmingly supportive of the school's reopening. A lot of those supporters, in addition to many NHS staff, came to celebrate the open house on Wednesday.

As the 19th NHS School in Pennsylvania, St. Anne's will provide services to students with autism and emotional support needs. The school will feature specialized behavioral programs including, individualized education plans, anti-bullying, trauma informed care, transition into adulthood, and much more. The school will help students manage their behaviors, effectively deal with bullying from peers, make friends with others, improve social and communication skills, and achieve academic standards.

Karen Markle, executive vice president for the education and autism division at NHS states, "We are very excited to open NHS School St. Anne's, and look forward to providing students with autism or emotional support needs with a quality education that will prepare them for adulthood. I could not be prouder of the Education and Autism team for their participation and support of the open house".

Special thank you to everyone who came out to support the grand opening of NHS School St. Anne's, including PA State Representative John Taylor, PA State Representative Bill Keller, PA State Senator Tina Tartaglione, Philadelphia City Councilman Mark Squilla, Honorable Kelly C. Wall, Judge in Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, Senator M. Joseph Rocks, NHS Parent and Foundation Board members, and of course, the many NHS staff!

NHS Partners in Caring – Making a Difference in our Programs

(AUG 18, 2015) On a HOT Tuesday, employees from 620 Germantown Pike, 906 Bethlehem Pike, and 350 Sentry Parkway partnered with volunteers from Philadelphia Insurance Companies to participate in the first NHS Partners in Caring day of 2015. NHS Partners in Caring is a service project initiative where NHS employees, working in administrative locations, have the opportunity to give back to our programs. This event provides an opportunity for our administrative staff, that are not generally active in the daily service operations, to visit NHS sites and to make a difference that supports all that we do.

Our first NHS Partners in Caring day, held on August 18, proved to be a success! Almost 60 volunteers participated in two projects: Preparing for the opening of the new NHS School St. Anne’s and sprucing up the playground at NHS Children’s Reach, both located within a mile from each other in Philadelphia. The amount of support and hard work on display were nothing short of overwhelming! Everyone showed a tremendous commitment to completing the collective mission. Whether it was painting the fence, mulching beds, or planting flowers at Children’s Reach, or scrubbing floors, washing windows, or setting up the classrooms at NHS School St. Anne’s, no assignment was too great to be undertaken by the team. It was crystal clear that our values were on display throughout the day, including: social responsibility, stewardship, accountability, and teamwork. CEO, Joe Martz states, “The teams from NHS and Philadelphia Insurance Companies have undoubtedly shown their dedication to the NHS mission, and how we, as administrative support staff, can make a difference in our programs and to the individuals we serve. Thank you for all that you did (and do) to make NHS more successful!”

Thank you, also, to the very generous support of our partners at Philadelphia Insurance Companies who showed incredible enthusiasm throughout the day to their assigned projects. We could not have accomplished so much without their participation and efforts!

We know there is much more to do at other service programs and facilities throughout NHS, and we will continue these projects throughout the year. Look out for announcements on future opportunities to participate and give back to our programs!

The New NHS School St. Anne’s Receives Support from Local Community

Article by The Spirit of the River Wards, By Dave Appiott
At the February 24 meeting of the Olde Richmond Civic Association (ORCA), more than 60 residents issued a non-binding sentiment vote about their support of the new neighbor opening their doors this upcoming fall. NHS School at St. Anne’s is the new tenant coming to the building formerly housing the St. Anne Parish School at Cedar and Tucker streets. The former Catholic elementary school has been vacant since closing due to low enrollment in 2011. NHS Schools is the education sector of NHS Human Services, a 40-year-old organization that provides services to individuals with special needs. Read more...

NHS School St. Anne’s Expected to Open in September

Article by StarNewsPhilly.com
St. Anne Parish School, Cedar and Tucker streets, has been vacant since closing due to low enrollment in 2011, but students will once again walk through the hallways beginning this September. The former Catholic elementary school building will be the new home of NHS School at St. Anne’s, a specialized school for students with autism or emotional support needs. Read more...