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Merakey Education Center Reading

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center READING (Berks County | 610-208-0466)

On behalf of the staff, I want to welcome you to the Merakey Education Center in Reading, PA. We are a licensed private academic school for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional Disturbance, and other exceptionalities.

Whether you are a member of the Reading community, considering a move to one of the Merakey Schools or conducting research on the internet, it is our intent that you find this site filled with helpful information. The Merakey School Reading is a special place for students to learn and grow. I believe in the mission of the school and dedicate myself to creating and underscoring an environment that is safe, secure, and one that cultivates the entire student at this crucial time in his or her development. In addition, our students are supported and encouraged to be productive, invested participants in their local and global communities.

The Merakey Education Center is committed to the infusion of behavioral expertise and evidence-based instruction. With this comprehensive programming, the staff strives to assist all students in the development of enthusiasm for learning which incorporates happiness, a positive self image, and an inquisitive nature.

Please feel free to review this website and the links attached. If you need additional information or would like a personal tour of the school, please contact us at the phone number or email address provided.

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School Address: 641 Gregg Ave, Reading PA 19611
School Phone Number: 610-208-0466
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 724-532-2302

Name: Kristen Malason
Title: Director
Email: Kristen.Malason@merakey.org

Name: Jane Wood
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: Jane.Wood@merakey.org

Enjoying Thanksgiving

(12.02.2016) - The staff at NHS School Reading brought in food to contribute to a great Thanksgiving meal for the students and staff to enjoy before break. Students helped to plan out some of the items that they wanted as part of the meal. On Tuesday, November 22, the high school students practiced their cooking skills, working alongside staff to prepare all of the food. The Thanksgiving Feast was set up in our school's café for all of the students and staff to enjoy!
NHS School reading Celebrates Thanksgiving NHS School reading Celebrates Thanksgiving

Celebrating Red Ribbon Week

(11.03.2016) - Students and staff at NHS School Reading were excited to wear red on October 26 in recognition of Red Ribbon Week (October 24 – 26). The Red Ribbon Campaign promotes being Drug Free. In addition to wearing red on Wednesday, students wore their favorite hats on Monday, wore their pajamas on Tuesday, brought in a stuffed animal on Thursday, and dressed up for Halloween on Friday! These activities brought a sense of community to the school as the students were anxious to see who participated in all of the other classrooms.

NHS School Reading Opens New Transition Skills Studio

(09.16.2016) - NHS School Reading opened its revamped Transition Skills Studio at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. This dedicated space provides opportunities for students to learn and hone their work and independent life skills. The lab features the PAES Program (Practical Assessment and Exploration System), a hands-on skills development system in Business Marketing, Computer Technology, Processing Production and Consumer Service. There is also a PAES lab in the Altoona School. The NHS Schools look forward to the growth and opportunities in the transition services for students this year.

Reading School Transition In Action
Richard M. Jaedyn M., is a 6 year old student that joined our elementary emotional support classroom at the NHS School Reading in March of 2013. Itl was Jaedyn's first experience in a school setting.  He came to us with explosive behaviors which interfered with his academics. Jaedyn refused to do any work given to him. He did not recognize letters, numbers or shapes.  Jaedyn could not write his own name and only knew the color orange because that was his favorite color. 

Since March, our team has created a reward system with Jaedyn.  He earns money to gain a preferred activity, which is usually an iPod.  After a couple of months, Jaedyn was sitting at his desk for 10 minutes doing his class work.  He began to recognize shapes throughout the school and identify the letters of the alphabet on all the signs in the building.  He soon started to spell every word he saw.  Jaedyn began to write his name on everything he could and make us post his writing all over the school to show everyone he wrote his name! Jaedyn went from only knowing the number four, to being able to recognize and count up to 30. 

In November 2013, Jaedyn won the NHS Poetry Contest for his age group.  He wrote a poem saying how thankful he is for the important people in his life: Mom, Dad, and his Papi. Jaedyn's behaviors have decreased a great deal and he is beginning to use his coping skills to help others with their behaviors. 
Jaedyn’s Poem:

I am thankful for my moms and pops
For giving me new high tops.
Mom lets me play xbox with my dad
And she hugs me when I am sad.
Dad takes me for rides
He teaches me bball outside.
My Papi plays football with a zero
I am thankful because he is my hero.

Eric R Eric R. is 14 years old and has been at the NHS School Reading since 2007. When Eric first started with us he was a very shy, reserved little boy. Eric would become extremely frustrated sometimes because of his disability. He has learned to cope with his frustrations by using techniques taught by our staff. Eric has gone from being a follower to a leader.

Through his perseverance and hard work over the years, he has grown into a fine young man. He works hard at his school work, as well as developing meaningful relationships with adults and peers. Eric has many goals and dreams for his future. His passion is to work with animals and he hopes to have a job at Petco when he is old enough to work.
Tyler M Tyler M. is 13 years old and has been at the NHS School Reading since 2007. When Tyler first started with us, he had limited verbal communication skills, was physically and verbally aggressive and was unable to perform basic activities of daily living. Tyler has grown with NHS’s teaching and occupational therapy staff. He has learned to interact verbally without prompting and is independently performing several life skills. Tyler works great with our staff and enjoys time in occupational therapy; he effectively utilizes techniques learned in OT during his classroom schedule. Tyler is now able to appropriately ask for help when needed and no longer has verbal outbursts. Tyler enjoys playing games on the iPad and is interacting with others while playing social skills games. Tyler has become a valued member of our bully prevention program and is able to identify and prevent bullying. Tyler has become a positive role model for new students in the NHS school and is always willing to lend a hand to those in need.

Deshmeire M. Deshmeire M. has been a student at the NHS School Reading since September 2012. Over the past two and a half years, she has grown so tremendously that she has become one of our classroom’s fondest success stories. Deshmeire was placed into the emotional support high school classroom. Her brother was enrolled in our school at the same time and was also placed in the same classroom. Her first few weeks at our school went well and there were minimal problems. Shortly after her "honeymoon" phase, we discovered many of the problematic areas that Deshmeire needed support to face and overcome. Having her brother in the same classroom was initially a benefit. They looked out for each other and had an extra level of support by their side all day long at a new school. This quickly became an area of aggravation for Deshmeire. Any situation that happened at home or outside was brought into the school and this created a lot of tension and frustration for Deshmeire. She would become so upset with her brother and the other students in the classroom that she would attempt to elope from the school and have aggressive outbursts where she would try to harm herself. Many times this was triggered by minor events and circumstances. When Deshmeire couldn’t cope with a situation she would hide in the bathroom and shut down, refusing to talk about anything with anyone, often for the remainder of the school day. Deshmeire lives very close to the school and would attempt to leave the building to walk home when she was upset. The staff at the Reading School worked relentlessly with Deshmeire to provide her the tools to cope with these situations. There were many ups and downs over her first year of school in this placement. At the beginning of Deshmeire’s second year of school, things took a turn for the worse. Deshmeire was becoming involved with people in the neighborhood that were pressuring her to make poor decisions and resulted in allowing herself to be in many questionable situations. Deshmeire’s team of NHS staff, her family, friends, and community agency workers all met on several occasions to amend her behavior plan as well as the safety plan. Deshmeire was resistant at the beginning, but once she saw how many people were truly invested in her well being, she started to make positive permanent changes on her own.

Her mother was called at home when Deshmeire had a severe outburst and attempted to harm herself at school.  Her mother broke down in tears and told Deshmeire how lucky she was to have a school that loved her the way she did. From that day on, Deshmeire began taking huge strides forward. She cut off negative ties from the community. She stopped leaving her house after school against her mother’s wishes. She began repairing her relationship with her brother. Deshmeire began utilizing the tools that NHS was providing for her to cope with difficult situations and improvements were made not just in school, but in all areas of her life. Deshmeire began completing homework assignments regularly and her fluency and reading comprehension skills increased so dramatically and so quickly that new goals had to be assigned to her. Her coping strategies that were successful at school were extrapolated into her home life and also out in the community. Deshmeire has become such a help to the staff members of NHS that students in her classroom and in other classrooms seek her assistance with various tasks on a regular basis.

To say that we were proud of what Deshmeire has accomplished over the past year would be a huge understatement. No one can force a student to make positive changes in their life. Because we were invested and taught Deshmeire how to become invested in herself, she has dramatically turned her life around for the better, with herself to thank.

Derek Derek has made nice strides with his compliance and following directional goals in the classroom. In the fall, he would have times of throwing his desk or objects. Those episodes of non-compliance are greatly reduced to once or twice a month, if at all. Derek is now willing to sit with his teacher and work on his goals. He is able to complete simple addition problems and tell time to the nearest hour. Derek is working hard for his rewards at the end of the class.

Derek has also made progress with his toileting goal. In the fall, he would refuse to try to use the bathroom or follow the bathroom schedule. Currently, Derek will request to use the bathroom at least two times per session. His parents are noticing nice toileting success at home as well.
Amir Amir is a 12 year old nonverbal male with Autism in Miss Kelly’s classroom. This past year (2013-2014), he has improved his communication, life skills, and social skills dramatically. He is using pictures to request items, using words and socializing with peers. Amir can be seen in the recess room running and spinning. He will often grab the hand of a peer or staff member to run around with him. Amir is now participating in morning meeting, waving to peers and giving them high fives. Peers ask him yes and no questions and Amir will shake his head or use his picture cards to respond.

Last year (2012-2013), Amir was exhibiting aggressive behaviors daily right before lunch and snack. Since he is able to request items with the use of pictures, he now gives us a picture to communicate his wants and needs. He is also spontaneously talking this year, saying “mom”, “bye”, and “no” at appropriate times. We are looking forward to seeing what Amir will surprise us with next.

Richard M. Silver M., a 14 year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that is non-verbal, started at the NHS School in Reading the summer of 2011. When he started, he was only willing to sit down for a minute or two at a time and refused to do work. He would come off the bus and walk around the classroom and yell.  When it came to academics, Silver was not willing to color, match, write, or participate in any activity during recess. 

Now, Silver is able to sit in his chair for 45 minutes at a time and work on the activity that is provided. In the mornings, he will go to his desk and work on matching upper and low case letters. Then he will work on putting shape puzzles together and later on in the day he will work on holding a pencil and drawing lines. 

Silver's foster parent was having a hard time with him screaming and yelling all through the night. Now his foster parent agrees, "Silver has made huge improvements at school and at home. When I first got Silver, his mother would not pick him up for a weekend visit. Since his behavior has improved, his mother will pick him up and keep him for the entire weekend."

With lots of support from the staff at the NHS School in Reading, Silver has responded well to interventions at school and at home.

Richard M.When Richard M. first arrived at our school was having a hard time controlling his behavior on at least a daily basis. He did not want to complete class work or listen to the directives of staff, and he would state that most tasks asked of him were too difficult, or that he was too tired, and often he could not work in a room with peers and staff with whom he had unresolved issues. Richard would shut down completely and refuse to talk to anyone when he was upset. He would become aggressive towards peers and staff and cause significant destruction of property. Overall, Richard longed to control all situations and refused to work towards other ways of handling things… until we gave him the tools.

Richard has been affected, in a very positive way, by the curriculum at NHS and the devoted staff with whom he has made strong bonds and connections. For the past several years, Richard has participated in the ECLIPSE Model which has helped him immensely with self-regulating and developing executive function skills. Richard also shines as one of our school's brightest stars when continuously addressing our anti-bullying program. Richard knows the rules by heart and is ready and eager to assist in the many games, activities, and assemblies in which the whole school participates. Richard participates daily in our cooperative learning and developing activities. Often Richard is sought after by many of the younger students in other classrooms to sit with them to go over school work, as well as participate in social activities as their incentive during earned free time and recess. Most of all, Richard has taken a strong liking to, and learned many valuable skills through our Bluford Reading series. Richard, a student who once refused to work on reading academics, now volunteers daily, working on not only valuable educational skills, but also how to share, communicate, process, and reflect. Richard has truly come a very long way.

To see Richard in school today, one would never imagine the reality behind the child he once was. He has blossomed into a responsible and in-control young adult. Richard can go for weeks without even being upset. Richard always has a smile on his face and presents himself as being very happy and empathetic. Richard is a role model to his peers when they are upset or angry. Richard uses coping skills that he has learned such as walking around to deescalate or confiding one on one with staff. He understands what he can do differently when he is upset rather than aggress. Richard forgives others easily and more importantly he has learned to forgive himself. He will not allow negative situations to carry on needlessly. Richard has matured into a young adult who wants to succeed in every way, and most of all, Richard wants people to be proud of him.

Richard's mother sees such a significant change at home since he has been attending our school. Richard is learning how to treat family members with respect. Richard noted that even when he is angry with his mother, which he used to be often, he will now change his behaviors to show her he is sorry. Richard is successfully taking the tools that we have given him to cope at school and transferring them into his home-life and community.

Everyone at NHS School Reading is extremely proud of how far Richard has come in such a short period of time. Richard's Behavioral Shaping Specialist states that she can now work on areas that she wasn't able to previously, such as developing coping skills, and respecting his siblings and his mother's rules in the household. Richard's classroom teacher uses him as a role model on a daily basis and always knows that he will try his hardest no matter what task is set before him. The entire school recognizes Richard for working hard on his goals and creating a bright future for himself. Congratulations Richard!
NHS School Reading Cafe

NHS School Reading Skill Development Center
Archived News from School Year 2015-2016

Field Day

(06.02.2016) - Students at NHS School Reading participated in their 2016 Field Day on May 20. In support of the Super Hero theme, the students made masks and some staff came wearing superhero capes! Parents came to the event to watch students participate in each activity around the school. The High School Autistic Support classroom worked very hard to create a fantastic phone booth photo booth in which everyone enjoyed taking pictures! Students showed great sportsmanship as they cheered each other on during all of the relay races. Students also did a great job drawing and coloring a variety of superhero pictures.

Field Day 2016 at NHS School Reading Field Day 2016 at NHS School Reading Field Day 2016 at NHS School Reading Field Day 2016 at NHS School Reading

Building Bridges Between School and Work

A Christmas Carol at NHS School Carlisle(12.23.2015) - The Director and Clinical Specialist at NHS School Reading attended the Building Bridges Between School and Work Symposium in November. The event, held at the Berkshire County Club, was held to showcase the various internships and employment opportunities available for our students.

A trip to Weaver's Orchard

(11.06.2015) - On October 30, students and staff at NHS School Reading decided to pay a visit to the Weaver's Orchard Farm Market and Pick-Your-Own Farm. Tour guides took our group all around the property. They allowed the students to go on the inflatable slide and climb on the hay bales. Everyone got to pick apples and choose a pumpkin for themselves to take home! The people at Weaver's also taught the students the process of making apple cider - from picking and sorting the apples to seeing the cider actually being made and bottled.

Fall Festival

(11.06.2015) - Our school organized a Fall Festival on October 29. The gym was ornamented with Fall and Halloween decorations. Some of the students and staff dressed up in their favorite costumes. Students enjoyed wrapping each other like mummies, playing ring toss, and completing puzzle worksheets shaped like pumpkins and bats!

Fall Festival

Fall Festival Fall Festival

Unity Day

(10.30.2015) - NHS School Reading recognized Unity Day on October 21- a day to come together against bullying. The staff and students wore orange to show that they care about creating a bully-free school environment. Students participated in group activities to promote positivity throughout the building. They learned about different types of bullying and how to stand up against it. NHS School Reading is very proud that they are united in the goal to be accepting and to be kind to one another!

Unity Day is Celebrated at NHS School Reading Unity Day is Celebrated at NHS School Reading Unity Day is Celebrated at NHS School Reading

Unity Day is Celebrated at NHS School Reading Unity Day is Celebrated at NHS School Reading

NHS School Reading Participates in Autism Walk

(10.30.2015) - Staff from our school attended the Autism Awareness Walk at the Reading First Energy Stadium in early October. Groups pledged money to walk and enjoyed activities, music, and lunch at the Stadium. Staff networked with local organizations and other schools to increase our partnership with other community providers.

NHS School Reading Participates in Autism Walk NHS School Reading Participates in Autism Walk NHS School Reading Participates in Autism Walk

Supporting World Suicide Prevention Day

(09.25.2015) - Staff and students at NHS School Reading wore purple ribbons on September 10 to bring awareness and show their support for World Suicide Prevention Day. The Behavior Shaping Specialist presented lessons focused on building one another's self-esteem and the importance of being a good friend. Students discussed ways that they could help their peers, and learned about available resources for when they needed someone to talk to.


(09.25.2015) - The elementary Emotional Support and Autism Spectrum Disorder classrooms at NHS School Reading went on a field trip to Schell's Mini Golf Course in Temple, PA on September 17. Students practiced patience while waiting their turn to golf, and they congratulated one another when they got the ball in the hole! On September 18, the older students had their chance to travel to Schells and try their skills on the course. The high school students were competitive, but showed great sportsmanship towards their peers. All students were treated to ice cream for their great behavior!

NHS School Reading Goes Golfing NHS School Reading Goes Golfing NHS School Reading Goes Golfing

Fruit Salad Cooking Lesson

(09.18.2015) - Miss Cyndi's class at NHS School Reading experienced an awesome cooking lesson for their first week back to school! They prepared a fruit salad with all of their favorite fruits, in the school’s kitchen. The students learned that each fruit is diverse in its own way - some are sweet, some are juicy, and all are different shapes and sizes. The staff and students showed great teamwork in helping to cut the fruit and mixing it all together for a delicious treat! When it was all mixed, the salad was extra special, just like all the students are working together.

Fruit Salad Cooking Lesson at NHS School Reading Fruit Salad Cooking Lesson at NHS School Reading Fruit Salad Cooking Lesson at NHS School Reading

Archived News from School Year 2014-2015

Experimenting with Chocolate

NHS School Reading Experiments with Chocolate NHS School Reading Experiments with ChocolateThe students in the high school emotional support classroom are learning all about chocolate this summer. They are studying where cocoa beans come from, how chocolate is made, as well as many interesting facts about the delicious dessert. The novel they are reading during the Extended School Year is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. On July 6, the students in the Emotional Support classroom invited the students with autism to join them in an experiment involving the sweet treat. Using different types of candy bars, both classes studied the density and weight of different objects. They formed groups and guessed whether Kit Kats, Snickers, Milky Ways, Three Musketeers, and Hershey's Chocolate bars would sink or float when placed in a container of water. The experiment utilized the NHS core value of teamwork and helped the students increase their social skills. Everyone was quite surprised by their findings!

NHS School Reading Experiments with Chocolate NHS School Reading Experiments with Chocolate NHS School Reading Experiments with Chocolate

NHS School Reading Graduates

NHS School Reading held their 2015 graduation ceremony on June 5. Two students had their family and friends in attendance as they received their diplomas. The graduates were all smiles as their teachers and principal spoke kind words about their time at NHS. After receiving their diplomas, everyone enjoyed refreshments and took pictures. NHS School Reading wishes both graduates much success in the future!

NHS School Reading Graduates NHS School Reading Graduates NHS School Reading Graduates

Field Day

NHS School Reading held their annual field day on May 29, with the “Wild, Wild West” as the theme. Everyone walked to Schlegel Park for a day of fun team building challenges, including events that involved water. After all the main activities were over, the students and staff participated in an ice cream eating contest, without being able to use their hands! Field day ended with all students receiving medals before walking back to the school.

Field Day Field Day Field Day Field Day


The students had a very busy end of the year! Everyone enjoyed the annual prom on May 22. Students, staff, friends, and family danced and socialized in the gym that was transformed with beautiful decorations to fit the 50's style rock-and-roll theme. After lunch, cotton candy and root beer floats were a nice treat for dessert!

Prom Prom Prom


Students from the NHS School Reading recently went out into the community to the local bowling alley. The boys and girls were able to bowl two games and enjoy pizza for lunch. While on the trip, they practiced teamwork, respecting personal space, and patience with one another.

NHS School Reading Goes Bowling NHS School Reading Goes Bowling NHS School Reading Goes Bowling

OVR Visits NHS School Reading

A representative from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) visited the high school classroom at NHS School Reading on March 20 to present a variety of employment opportunities and options for the students after they graduate. OVR provides services to persons with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. Students were very excited to ask questions to the OVR representative, and to receive informational handouts that they took back to their classroom to discuss further with their teachers.

OVR Visits NHS School Reading

Attending Employability Expo

The high school students traveled to a local mall to attend an employability expo last week. In the days before attending, the students discussed the importance of appearance, skills needed for certain jobs, and the steps that are taken when looking for employment. Each student went equipped with their own resumes. They were able to critique their resumes when the speaker at the expo explained how resumes are best organized. The students walked around and spoke with employers about what they look for in a potential hire. They had the opportunity to practice filling out applications and asked great questions!

NHS School Reading Attends Employability Expo NHS School Reading Attends Employability Expo

Green Thumbs

Before the cold winds of winter came and the snow fell, some of our students spent their afternoons outside, working on perfecting their green thumbs by cleaning out a space for a garden behind the NHS school Reading. The students will further develop their garden in the spring. They have not yet decided on a choice of plants, but are excited to put more work into it as soon as warmer weather arrives.

Green Thumbs Green Thumbs Green Thumbs

Archived News from School Year 2013-2014

Hosting the Masquerade Prom

On June 6, the NHS School Reading held their second annual prom, with a chosen theme of Masquerade. The students and staff transformed the multi-purpose room into a ballroom. Many colorful masks were made for students and staff to wear and many were placed on the walls. Students, staff, parents, district representatives, and community leaders were in attendance and all enjoyed an Italian buffet that was made and served by the staff and students of the school. All had a good time eating, dancing, socializing, and taking pictures.

Field Day at Schlegel Park

NHS School Reading held their annual field day on May 23 at Schlegel Park. The theme was Minute to Win It. The students, staff and parents competed in seven timed events: Cup of Straw Challenge, Breakfast Scramble, Jiggle Effect, Defying Gravity, Pencil Back Flip, Dizzy Mummy and Face the Cookie. After the competition, a picnic lunch was served and the day culminated with the usual ice cream eating challenge. The students were awarded NHS medals and all happily returned to school for departure.

Field Day at Schlegel Park

Iron Man Competition Celebrates IM for Matty

The students participated in a mini Iron Man competition in honor of IM for Matty. Fifteen students competed in three different activities, including running around the baseball field, riding a bike from one field to another, and then hitting a target with a football. The events were timed and 10 students were awarded medals and three students evolved into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Iron Man Competition Celebrates IM for Matty

Hosting Our Own Special Olympics

We had our own in-house Special Olympics on April 30, after the annual Special Olympics held at Kutztown University was cancelled due to severe weather. All the staff worked diligently to get the school set up for Olympic activities the students could do in doors. The students engaged in an obstacle course, bowling, ring toss, cup stacking, scooter races, three legged race and the 50 yard dash. The day concluded with a medal ceremony where all students received medals for the activities they participated in. They enjoyed a pizza lunch and ended the day with a dance party. Everyone had a great time!

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

The students celebrated World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 with a rotation of fun activities that incorporated puzzle pieces, the color blue, and facts on autism. The students made a blue puzzle mural with different sayings for the school's front entrance. One teacher had her room lit up with blue lights for the entire day. All staff were dressed in blue attire with Autism Speaks "light it up blue" blinking buttons on their shirts. The students also enjoyed dancing to music and eating blue foods. Lastly, the school kicked off a fundraiser to make blue jewelry to sell to staff, families, districts, and the community to help raise funds for Autism Awareness.

NHS School Reading Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

NHS School Reading Celebrates World Autism Awareness DayNHS School Reading Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

Students Attend an Employment Expo

Three students and two staff members represented NHS at this year's Employ Ability Expo. The event was held at the Crown Plaza and hosted by the Berks County Transition Council. The students and staff enjoyed themselves while being able to learn valuable employment skills, meet new people, and make new friends. The students listened to speakers and participated in mock interviews. The students and staff were treated to a formal sit-down lunch along with a fashion show highlighting appropriate examples of outfits that could be worn in various aspects of the professional world. To prepare for the expo the students worked one-on one-with a staff member to create a resume and review questions and scenarios to help prepare for the interview portion of the event. They also discussed how to behave in public and how to best represent NHS. The students had a great day and the staff was very proud of their efforts. Valuable knowledge was learned and everyone is excited to attend the event next year!

NHS School Reading Students Attend an Employment Expo NHS School Reading Students Attend an Employment Expo

NHS School Reading Students Attend an Employment Expo NHS School Reading Students Attend an Employment Expo

McNeil Pharmaceuticals Spreads Holiday Cheer

During this year's annual holiday celebration at NHS School Reading, McNeil Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson Company, picked four families of students from the NHS School Reading to provide gifts for the children and gift cards for groceries for the parents for this holiday. McNeil Pharmaceuticals had contacted the NHS School Reading to learn more about the specific individuals we support and their families, and to explain that every holiday season they pick a few families in need to provide gifts for the holidays. The NHS School Reading brainstormed a list of families and sent anonymous biographies to the organization. From the biographies provided, four families were selected. A wish list was created for all four students and six additional siblings. The members of the Lancaster McNeil Organization went above and beyond selecting a variety of individualized gifts the students and their siblings extremely enjoyed. The parents were thankful and moved by the extreme generosity. Thank you Lancaster McNeil Pharmaceuticals for your generous gift!

Thanksgiving Feast

The NHS School Reading celebrated their annual Thanksgiving feast on November 26. The students and staff decorated and set up one of their multi-purpose rooms for the event. The students made the decorations, including placemats for each guest. The staff and students cooked all the food and served the guests. It was a wonderful event and they are already looking forward to next year's feast!

NHS School Reading Celebrates Annual Thanksgiving Feast NHS School Reading Celebrates Annual Thanksgiving Feast

NHS School Reading Celebrates Annual Thanksgiving Feast NHS School Reading Celebrates Annual Thanksgiving Feast

Annual Fall Festival Celebration

All the staff and students dressed as their favorite Halloween characters and participated in Halloween bingo, spider darts, make your own caramel apple station, mummy wrap relay, Halloween Twister, and a candy guessing game. There was a variety of treats to eat and all danced to Halloween music until the end of the school day.

NHS School Reading Hosts Annual Fall Festival

NHS School Reading Hosts Annual Fall FestivalNHS School Reading Hosts Annual Fall FestivalNHS School Reading Hosts Annual Fall Festival


The NHS School Reading's bowling team and staff coaches sported their brand new team shirts and hit the bowling alley to compete on October 25. The purchase of the shirts was made possible by a fundraiser held by the school staff. Everyone was proud to represent NHS in their colorful bright blue shirts with the NHS bowling logo.

NHS School Reading Goes Bowling

NHS School Reading Goes BowlingNHS School Reading Goes Bowling

Fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The NHS School Reading staff and students dressed up in pink on October 18 to support breast cancer awareness month. Each staff member gave a donation in the name of a relative or a friend who they lost or is now a survivor. A monetary gift of $150 was sent to the American Cancer Society, Berks Chapter.



The NHS School Reading received school supplies along with a check for $500 on October 8 from MS. Genell L. on behalf of the CNA Corporation. The students and staff all took time to thank MS. Genell personally for the company's generous offer.


Celebrating Bully Prevention Month

NHS School Reading celebrated its third year participating in the Olweus Bully Prevention Program and National Bully Prevention Month by creating an orange bully banner "Be a Buddy not a Bully." It was placed on the center wall of the school's reception area and all staff and students signed it to acknowledge their pledge to stand up against bullying in schools and in the community. In celebration, the staff and students dressed in orange clothing and engaged in bully prevention activities throughout the day.

bully prevention month

bully prevention month

A Visit to the Pioneer Crossing Landfill Recycling Plant

recycleThe students at the NHS School Reading took a field trip to Pioneer Crossing Landfill Recycling Plant at the end of September. This trip was used to supplement the information researched on the smart board about the recycling process and to kick off the school-wide Recycling Program.

Our School Holds First Prom!

The NHS School Reading held their first prom on June 1, 2013. The theme was Hollywood and the Red Carpet. Staff, students, and parents helped prepare the essentials for the dance and the students made all the decorations to convert the multi-purpose room in the school for this fabulous event. Parents and staff served food, drinks, and desserts to the students. The main course was Italian fare and Hispanic favorites. The director and teachers opened the dance floor to get the party started, but it didn't take long before all were having a great time!

NHS School Reading Holds First Prom!

NHS School Reading Holds First Prom! NHS School Reading Holds First Prom! NHS School Reading Holds First Prom!

Archived News from School Year 2012-2013

Annual Field Day

The NHS School Reading celebrated their sixth annual field day on May 23. The theme was NHS Gladiators and everyone dressed in their field day T-shirts. The students enjoyed plenty of food and their traditional ice cream eating contest.

NHS Schools Reading and Philadelphia Go Bowling

NHS Schools Reading and Philadelphia Go Bowling NHS Schools Reading and Philadelphia Go BowlingNHS Schools Reading and Philadelphia held a bowling tournament at Arnold's Family Fun Center in Oaks, PA on May 29.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to bowl against one another, play fun arcade and table games, eat delicious food and make new friends from a sister school. Thank you to the team at Arnold's for their hospitality and accommodations.

Blues Party

NHS School Reading ended Autism Awareness Month with a Blues Party where parents, district, and community leaders were invited. All staff, students, and parents dressed in blue. All of the food that was served was blue which the students helped to prepare and serve as well.

The director and two staff members impersonated Diana Ross and the Supremes and did a presentation of "Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand." The students watched the NHS School Reading's rap video about autism and disseminated puzzle pieces with information to all present. Everyone had a great time listening and dancing to the music.

NHS School Reading Holds a Blues Party

Traveling to the Reading Museum

NHS School Reading traveled to the Reading Museum on a field trip to see The Magical Kingdom Lego Display, Jelly Bean Art, Origami Art, and the Egyptian Mummy Display. The museum is a dynamic center of lifelong learning and discovery, and engages both current and future generations through the collection, preservation, and interpretation of art, science, and civilization. The students had the opportunity to be exposed to many learning opportunities and this field trip served as a great supplement to the current science and social studies curriculum.

NHS School Reading Travels to the Reading Museum NHS School Reading Travels to the Reading Museum NHS School Reading Travels to the Reading Museum

Participating in the Special Olympics

Our students participated in the Special Olympics of Berks County held at Kutztown University on Wednesday, April 24. The students competed in the 50 yard dash, 100 meter dash, long jump, and shot put. They were awarded many ribbons for their successes and achieved honors of first place through sixth place.

Congratulations Reading students!

NHS School Reading Participates in the Special Olympics NHS School Reading Participates in the Special Olympics NHS School Reading Participates in the Special Olympics

Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

Staff and students started celebrating Autism Awareness Month by lighting up the school's sign with blue lights, and wearing blue shirts and Light It Up Blue pins. The students decorated the school with puzzle pieces, light bulbs, and various different pieces of artwork. The students also wrote and performed a musical rap to culminate the events of Autism Awareness Month.

NHS School Reading celebrates Autism Awareness Month NHS School Reading celebrates Autism Awareness Month

Students Pledge to End the R-word

The students and staff pledged to end the use of the R word on March 8. Everyone wore teal and gray to show their support. The students also wore end the R-word stickers all day to show their support.

Students Pledge to End the R-word Students Pledge to End the R-word

Our School Opens a Café

The NHS School Reading had their grand opening of the R & R Café on Friday, March 8. The students and staff made a ziti and fresh salad lunch that was available for purchase by everyone in attendance and the high school students served the meal to all the patrons. A cake that was fashioned like the café was donated by a staff member's family member for the grand opening. The students are very excited to begin utilizing the Café to work on the skills they need to transition to the next stage in their life.

Reading School opens cafe Reading School opens cafe Reading School opens cafe

Valentine's Day

The NHS School Reading enjoyed Valentine's Day with a day full of educational and social activities. The high school classes did research on St. Valentine and discovered the history behind the holiday, the school bowling team traveled to the bowling alley for practice and lunch, while the elementary teachers and selected students prepared a festive party for the entire school. In the afternoon, music, dancing, games and food were enjoyed by all, making their 2013 Valentine's Day a success.

Celebrating Valentine's Day at Reading School Celebrating Valentine's Day at Reading School

Bully Prevention Assembly

NHS School Reading Holds a Bully Prevention AssemblyNHS School Reading held their first Olweus Bully Prevention assembly on January 8. The students recited the "no bullying rules" and watched videos from last year's events.

To encourage students to speak up about bullying that they may witness, a competition between the Autism and Emotional Support programs is being held. If students report bullying in school or on the buses, they receive three ribbons. The first program to obtain 50 ribbons will go on a fun-filled field trip.

Celebrating 100 Days of School

100 daysOur school celebrated their 100th day of school on February 7 with several activities involving the number 100. The students used the Smart Board to solve academic problems involving 100, made arts and crafts, competed against the staff in cooperative games, and made a giant poster for the wall.

Hosting a Christmas Program

The NHS School Reading hosted its fourth annual Christmas Program and Italian Faire Luncheon on Thursday December 21. The performances were outstanding and the school had its best attendance ever. Thanks to everyone who came out for the event!

The  NHS School Reading Hosts Christmas Program

Visitors for Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Claus visited the NHS School Reading on Wednesday December 20 to read Christmas stories and hand out presents to the students. All the students enjoyed their time with Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus visited the NHS School Reading

A Visit from 'The Reading Eagle'

Winter Clothing DriveThe NHS School in Reading was visited by a Reading Eagle reporter who will be doing a story on the Winter Clothing Drive for NHS' TFC and Permanency programs. The students and staff decorated the foyer of the school like a giant fireplace with stockings, books, a wreath, and a Christmas tree.

The NHS Winter Clothing Drive box was decorated and also placed in the foyer to collect donations.

Hosting The Annual Family - Style Thanksgiving Meal

The NHS School in Reading hosted its annual family style Thanksgiving meal on November 19. All parents, community partners, and districts were invited. The staff and high school students did all the cooking and the staff served everyone. The menu consisted of turkey, rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, green bean casserole, a garden salad, a vegetable medley, and an array of drinks and desserts, which includes the thanksgiving staple, pumpkin pie.

Special thanks to everyone who made the day a huge success!


Reading Fire Company Visits our School

The Reading Fire Company and area EMTs visited the NHS School in Reading to give their annual presentation. The students were invited see how their fire gear works, try on their suits, and board the trucks and ambulances. They also were education about fire safety and received hats as a special giveaway.

Thanks to the all the volunteer emergency responders who made the event special for the students!

Reading Fire Company Visits the NHS School in Reading

Fall Celebration

This year’s Halloween celebration occurred on November 1 because of Hurricane Sandy. Students and staff made decorations for the multi-purpose room. The students participated in squash relay races, including gourds and batons, and listened and danced to music. Games such as “guess the weight of the pumpkin” were also played.

Halloween celebration1 Halloween celebration2 Halloween celebration3

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer AwarenessThe school celebrated Cancer Awareness Day on October 12. Staff donated $5 each to wear jeans and something pink. Each classroom decorated their door with some form of pink. The high school students made a banner for everyone to sign to show our support and proudly displayed it in the lobby of the school. The bully ribbons that were awarded for this day were also pink.

A donation of $110 was collected from the staff and sent to the American Cancer Society in the name of our former staff member, Norma Jones.

Election Day

Students learned about Election Day including, voting, debating, public speaking, and what it meant to be elected president and vice president of the United States. The students were also introduced to the different departments of government. They made ballot boxes and voting stations so that the staff and students could vote confidentially.

Election Day Election Day2 Election Day3

Light It up Blue

Autism Awareness Day was celebrated with the Wyomissing School District. The school invited us to use their track field to practice for Special Olympics and their athletes came to the field to coach our students on track and field techniques. We had lunch with them and released blue balloons in the air which totaled the amount of students and staff who make up the NHS School in Reading.