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Parent Portal and Resources

Sharing information with families about their child’s learning and development is critical to building strong partnerships.

Family Central - Teaching Strategies GOLD offers a dedicated online portal for communicating with families about thier child's experiences and progress. Teachers can send and receive messages to and from family members who choose to register. Online calendars help teachers share information about what’s happening in the classroom, and teachers can send resources to help families promote their child’s development and learning at home. Read the Teaching Strategies GOLD® Online: Family Quick-Start Guide for more information.

Family Conference Forms - Teachers and families develop a mutual understanding of each child’s strengths and challenges, and share expectations for the child’s development and learning. Teachers begin to fill out the form by summarizing the child’s developmental progress during a particular period. The rest of the form is completed during a conference as the teacher and family decide next steps together.

Development and Learning Report - Designed for sharing information with each child’s family, this report provides narratives that explain the child’s knowledge, skills and behaviors in relation to each objective or dimension. On the basis of the child’s developmental levels, it recommends activities for the family to do at home to provide additional support.


Merakey Bee Me - Handbook for Parents and Students

Developmental Milestones Checklists
Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Infants/Toddlers

Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Pre-Kindergarten

U.S. Department of Education

Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Pre-K for PA

PA Promise for Children

Keystone Stars

PA Partnerships for Children

Child Care Works
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