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Merakey Autism Center Philadelphia

WELCOME to Merakey Autism Center PHILADELPHIA (Philadelphia County | 215-671-5155)

We currently provide services to students with an autism diagnosis who are 5-21 years of age. At our school we provide a multidisciplinary approach to meeting the individual needs of each and every student. We shape the educational program to fit the unique circumstances of the child, as opposed to forcing conformance to a one-size-fits-all curriculum. As an Applied Behavior Analysis academic school, we provide child-centered instruction based upon the unique interests of each student.

In addition, to providing a link between home, school, and the plethora of issues that accompany an autism diagnosis, we have partnered with Drexel University College of Medicine's Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry which permits us to offer weekly, specialized psychiatric support to our students. While we don't cure Autism, we do take pride in educating the student and shaping behaviors to assist each one of them in better assimilating into society.
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School Address: 2900 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA  19154 (view on map)
School Phone Number: 215-671-5155
School Fax Number:  215-671-5162
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 855-530-4853

Name: Nikki Hage
Title: Operations Director
Email: Nikki.Hage@merakey.org

NHS School Philadelphia Recognizes Autism Awareness

NHS School Philadelphia Recognizes Autism Awareness(04.12.2017) - Students from the ”Purple Room” at NHS School Philadelphia honored Autism Awareness Month and celebrated students’ achievements in a creative way. Parents submitted baby and current pictures symbolizing students’ growth, both physically and academically. Two students wrote about “What it means to have Autism” to be added to the wall. The students painted puzzle pieces and ribbons using different shades of blue. This activity helped students with their good gross motor and occupational therapy skills. One of the students realized there was a baby picture of him posted on the wall, when he thought all of them were destroyed in a house fire!
Brandon-success story The staff at the NHS School Philadelphia are proud to announceBrandon S. from Mr. Dylan's autism support classroom has transitioned back to his regular classroom at his home high school in the Philadelphia School District. He's been attending morning classes at the NHS School Philadelphia and then goes to his afternoon classes at his high school to aide in the transition process. The prospect of leaving a place that is very close-knit, comfortable, and familiar for a setting that is large and filled with new challenges seemed intimidating to Brandon, wondering, "how will I do there?" or "will I be able to make it again there?"

A moment of celebration occurred on the afternoon of January 23, when Mr. Dylan received an unexpected phone call. It was from Brandon, who called with the news that he received an A on an algebra test he took at his new high school. Not only did Brandon earn an A, but he did not even know he was scheduled to take the test. Mr. Dylan and the entire education team at the NHS School Philadelphia beamed with pride as Brandon exclaimed, "I know I can do it now!"
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