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Merakey Schools - Apollo

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center LEECHBURG (Armstrong County | 724-845-1101)

Welcome to the Merakey Education Center Leechburg (previously known as Apollo), a licensed Private Academic school, located in Leechburg, PA. We opened our doors in October 2012 and currently serve 30 students within our Autism and Emotional Support programs. At the start of the 2013-2014 school year, we also opened an in-district classroom for students with autism support needs within Highlands Middle School. We have three Autistic Support classrooms and three Emotional Support classrooms in our building. Our teachers use a strengths-based approach for all students, building upon their success to develop an individualized program. We partner with families, school districts, and the surrounding community to provide a quality educational environment for our students. We also utilize positive behavior support to develop a behavior plan for each student based on their needs. Students begin working on transition goals the moment they begin their program here and enter the transition program at age 14. The transition program partners with community employers and organizations to provide volunteer experiences, internships, and employment to our students. This program provides the opportunity for students to reach their maximum potential along with helping the community.

Our goal is to teach necessary skills for success in the general education setting and to transition students back to a less restrictive environment, their home school district. We are excited to continue to grow and serve families within the nearby communities. The Merakey Education Center Leechburg is able to provide a variety of educational services listed below:

  • Autism and Emotional Support programming for students ages 5-21 and Building Bridges Emotional Support Program for female students ages 12-18
  • Transition Services, such as our simulated work environments, volunteer placements, and community work experience for students ages 14-21
  • Community Job Placements paired with a job coach for students ages 18-21
  • District Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and Positive Behavioral Support Plan (PBSP) implementation
  • Consultation for a student attending a local school district 
  • District trainings such as Behavior Modification, Autism Overview, Positive Behavioral Supports, Emotional Support Overview, etc.
  • In-district classrooms run by Merakey to promote least restrictive environment opportunities
  • Extended School Year (ESY) Services at our Merakey School sites and/or in-district ESY programs run by Merakey within your own district classroom.
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School Address: 1 Kiski Ave, Ste 100, Leechburg, PA 15656
School Phone Number: 724-845-1101
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 855-530-4853

Jamie McGeeName: Jamie McGee
Title: Educational Director
Email: Jamie.McGee@merakey.org
Name: Nicole Ramsey
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: NRamsey@merakey.org
Andrew - successAndrew - success "My name is Andrew, I came from Apollo Ridge. Now I am at NHS Apollo because my mom thought it would be better for me. You might mess up here and there, but the teachers will help you through the day. The teachers do not talk rude to you. You get more recess and social development time. And it has been better for me because they give me breaks and they don't argue with me."

Evan - success storyEvan - success story"My name is Evan. I am 10 years old. My home school is Apollo Ridge. I like our 7 minute breaks. The teachers help us with our anger. This is my favorite school."

Dominic - success storyDominic - success story"My name is Dominic. I came from Burrell. I like it here. It is a lot of fun. We like to play football. I have learned a lot of coping skills, like deep breathing and taking a walk."

Garren - success storyGarren - success story"My name is Garren and I came NHS Apollo from Apollo Ridge. I think that NHS Apollo is better because my behaviour and grades improved. There is less stress and no bullying, positive teachers and smaller class sizes. It is quieter at lunch. I have learned better manners. I am taught how I best cand learn with hands-on activities. I don't fight at home. I clean my room at home. I do my chores at home; I am nicer at home. The teachers are nicer at NHS Apollo. I get along at home and school. My grades improved and I think I'm doing better with doing work. The work is fun and you get to do fun Fridays. You can take a break when you get frustrated.

Hayden - success storyHayden - success story"Hello, my name is Hayden. I like animals. I came here so they could help me behave. I'm doing better because I'm drawing and screaming into a pillow. I like the teachers and I could talk to Mr. Michael when I get mad. I am learning a lot in school and I want to learn more about states and countries. "
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