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Merakey Education Center Jeannette

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center Jeannette (Westmoreland County | 724-527-1096)

Welcome to the Merakey Education Center Jeannette located in Jeannette, PA - Westmoreland County. The Merakey Education Center Jeannette is a Licensed Private Academic School which supports students with emotional support needs and/or serious emotional disturbance (SED). Currently, the school serves over 20 students within our three emotional support classrooms. The goal of our program is to assist students in building skills so they are able to perform better with academic tasks, build healthy relationships with peers, cope with frustration, control anger, interact with others in the community in a socially appropriate manner, be successful leaders, and pursue their goals and aspirations. Our strengths-based approach utilizes motivational techniques as well as student interest to increase engagement within the academic setting.

Our location houses the Building Bridges School-Based Program for female students who are between the ages of 12-18 years old. We opened our gender specific classroom during our 2013-2014 school year. The Building Bridges classroom focuses on integrating our six domains of healthy development (intellectual, physical, emotional, social, sexual, and spiritual) throughout the educational day. The goal of this program is to help female students focus on their academics and personal strengths in a comforting environment where their emotions are understood and confidence is strengthened. Students within the Merakey Education Center Jeannette are always working on transition skills within our school setting, as well as at our Transition Center located in Jeannette, PA and community based job placements. Currently, our transition students volunteer once per week and attend our simulated work program - the Cosmo Café. The students also have created our own school based Café, selling to our students and staff.

All Merakey Education Center Jeannette staff are dedicated to collaborating with internal and external team members to provide the services and interventions necessary to support each student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). It is our mission to integrate the Merakey Core Values (integrity, diversity, accountability, leadership, social responsibility, and stewardship) into our everyday work to create a comforting, encouraging, and safe environment for our students to thrive. It is our hope that the students we serve will be able to successfully transition back to their home school district and continue to pursue their long term goals.

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School Address: 116 Park St, Jeannette, PA 15644
School Phone Number: 724-527-1096
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 855-530-4853

Name: Tara Webber
Title: Educational Director
Email: Tara.Webber@merakey.org
Carrie Airhart

Name: Carrie Airhart
Title: Operational Director
Email: Carrie.Airhart@merakey.org

Jessica Camarote

Name: Kasey Miller
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: Kasey.Miller@merakey.org

STEM Challenge Towers

Middle school students in Ms. Jen's classroom at NHS School Greensburg completed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) challenge. The STEM challenge activity was a building experience. Students had to work collaboratively on the task of using supplies to design and build a tower. Specific criteria for the tower included supporting an object a specific height off the table and using ALL the supplies. Students recorded their thoughts on lab sheets or a folding graphic organizer. As problems were encountered, students explored and discovered solutions. Students and staff were excited to put learning to the test!

STEM Challenge Towers STEM Challenge Towers
Tristan - successTristan's Story

My name is Tristan. I have Bi-Polar, ADHD, and Aspergers. I came to NHS in Greensburg after transferring from Greater Latrobe Senior High School. I had a really difficult time controlling my anger and stress and it had caused several issues towards my friends and classmates. The teachers and principals didn't like how I handled the issues that came up, and they didn't have the best methods of controlling my anger. I was bullied a lot by those around me and made fun of for how I behaved and how I handled my anger.

One day my parents recommended a school that I would like. The school was Northwestern Human Services (NHS) in Greensburg. Not only did the teachers and principal seem very nice, they didn't treat me like I was just another student. They took the time to help me when I was losing control of my anger, and also treated me like someone that mattered. The friends I have made here also treat me with almost equal respect as I treat them, and even help me when I need it. While I am still dealing with drama, as I would no matter what school I attend, NHS is best at helping me to relax and learn how to cope with the stress as well as how to handle the situation appropriately.

I have been here for over a year now and have improved remarkably with controlling my anger thanks to the teachers and lessons. NHS is helping me to achieve goals that I have set to better myself for the future. Thanks to this school, I can feel very comfortable about where I am heading in my life. Not only have I learned so much about anger control and stress reducing, but I also have made some amazing friends that care about me more than most of my friends did in my old school. I am going to be graduating in not even 3 months, and thanks to my time here in NHS Greensburg, I am extremely ready for what college will bring me and what my future holds.

Klarrissa - successKlarrissa's Story

I started NHS school in the middle of 2012-2013 school year from being here I learned how to work better in the real world and how the real world is. In NHS I worked in a little Cafe called the Cosmo Cafe and at other weeks I went to play games with the elderly at Weather Wood Manor, it was very fun working at the Cafe it taught me how to work better with my co- workers and how to use a positive tone with the people that come in. As I started school here I really did not like it that much I hated doing the Brigance it did not seem right I felt like a little kid, but as I got through it I understood why they did it, it taught me where I should be in my academics and what I needed to work on.

In the school year of 2013-2014 I learned that school is not always going to be the way you think it would be, there will be drama, there will be times that people will annoy you but you just have to ignore them and do what you have to do. In this school year we got so many new students and things started to exculate, and my attitude changed to the worse because Icould not stand it anymore, but I still stayed me. Even though it was hard to handle I gotthrough it all. No matter what happened I tried my hardest to stay out of it, and that is because I learned how to.

I wanted to thank all the staff for helping me out this year and that I truly will miss you, you have taught me a lot and always tried you're hardest to make me successful in life. I will always remember and cherish the times we had in school and how fun things could be if all of us behaved. I will always remember how nice you guys were to me and how hard you tried to teach all ofthe students in the school and how stressful it could get, but you still, tried your hardest. Thank you again for all your hard work and all that you taught me.

Lisa - success Lisa's Story

Hi, my name is Lisa, and I came from Hempfield High School, where I would be in 11th grade. I started at the NHS Greensburg School in August 2012, and the reason I came here is because I was bullied very badly and I lost all my friends. Hempfield High School was not a good place for me.

I like NHS because I can focus more on my work. Also, I do not get bullied here. I am able to be a part of the girls program where I can focus on developing my social skills and working on the six domains of healthy development. I also like the school because I earn tokens for pizza, pop, and ice cream for completing my work. I have learned how I can calm myself down through coping skills and that it’s okay to be myself. Also, I like NHS because it’s a smaller class size for me. I am also learning how to start a business by managing money and baking items, along with planning a menu and following directions from a supervisor.

My goal would be to find a job, and graduate from high school. I also want to go to a dance school and possibly go to college.

JAke - successJake's Story

My name is Jake. I am in the 8th grade, and I’m from Indiana Area School District. I started at NHS Greensburg in late November of 2012. I am at NHS Greensburg because of my behavior, which consisted of hitting myself and things such as my desk. Please note, I never hit another person out of anger. What I like about NHS Greensburg is the small classes, along with earning money at the café in the office building. At NHS, I learned business management, along with ways to vent my anger without hitting myself or other things, along with not being too lazy to do my work.
So, I think that NHS Greensburg is a good school. You learn valuable skills, along with things you’d learn at a normal public school.

My goal is to get back to Indiana, and to be accepted by others as a friend, not as a person everyone has to be nice to all the time, and to not be a social outcast.

Aidan - successAidan's Story

I am Aidan from Hempfield School District. I’m currently in 8th grade at the NHS Greensburg School. I came to NHS in March of 2012. I came to NHS because I had trouble listening to teachers and got bad grades at my old school.
What I like about the NHS School is that I have motivation to learn because I get to earn rewards like Pizza Friday for completing my work. I’ve also found it easier to learn because of the token system which helps me earn tokens for listening. I’ve learned how to better handle my emotions through Eclipse lessons.

My goal is to work on completing my work, raising my hands, and helping my grades.
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