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Effective April 1st, NHS Schools have changed their name to Merakey Education and Autism! NEW NAME, SAME MISSION.
Merakey Autism Center Greensburg

WELCOME to Merakey Autism Center Greensburg (Westmoreland County | 724-834-2059)

In January 2018, schools in Herminie and Latrobe combined to offer comprehensive education services at the Merakey Autism Center in Greensburg, PA. Since 2005, our Merakey Autism Centers have been providing a supportive and responsive environment where students learn academic skills, daily living skills, adaptive skills, behavioral regulation, executive functioning, social skills, and transition skills for adulthood. Students receive an outstanding education, and they learn to become active members of the local community by accessing resources, participating in events, and volunteering. We offer our students speech, occupational, physical, and music therapy to increase their independence, communication skills, and fine and gross motor skills. Merakey strongly believes in creating a student-specific education plan to help each individual reach their maximum potential.

The success of our students is demonstrated through personal growth and the development of peer relationships. The students gain valuable experiences through our community involvement and volunteer work placements. The Transition Program provides students with the skills they need to be successful, active members of society, and as independent as possible in the community, work force, and life. Every day, staff takes a moment to enjoy the satisfaction of how our students grow with each completed goal, overcoming obstacles or making new friends.

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Open House

(09.2018) - Merakey Education and Autism Division invites you to join our OPEN HOUSE to learn more about our programs.

DATE: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 | TIME: 5 - 7pm
LOCATION: 555 Rial Lane Greensburg, PA 15601
CONTACT: Eamon McGee at Eamon.McGee@merakey.org or 724-834-2059
Click here to download flyer!

School Address: 555 Rial Lane, Greensburg, PA 15601
School Phone Number: 724-834-2059
School Fax: 724-834-2085

Name: Eamon McGee
Title: Director
Email: Eamon.Mcgee@merakey.org
Name: Catherin Markle
Title: Clinical Director
Email: Catherine.Markle@merakey.org

Jessica Camarote
Name: Jessica Camarote
Title: Office Manager
Email: Jessica.Camarote@merakey.org

MatthewThe staff at the Merakey Autism Center Greensburg is proud to announce Kyra P. is being spotlighted for her outstanding growth and development while attending NHS for one full school year. Kyra came to Miss Amber’s classroom in February 2017 with limited communication and social skills. Within one calendar year Kyra has conquered her fear of public restrooms, now needing little to no prompting. Kyra has acquired over 50 mastered signs (ASL/Signed English) to communicate her wants and needs appropriately and enjoys the company of her peers within the classroom. Kyra shows more and more interest in talking to those around her. She explores her voice daily, making new sounds and vocalizing words along with the signs that she is using.

To further Kyra’s success, we plan to continue working on Kyra’s Verbal Behavior skills, including vocal targets, continued sign language, and Speech and Language therapy. We also look forward to integrating Kyra into the community more in the future with continued public outings as well. Join us in wishing Kyra another successful year at the Merakey Autism Center!
Pictures coming soon...