Frequently Asked Questions

Who will print my order?
Gateway Ink is a social enterprise screen printing business that allows for a part-time volunteer and paid work experience for individuals with autism and a job skills “laboratory”. Participants learn how to be a model employee in a supported environment. Gateway Ink employee-trainees also receive small group instruction on money management and job-related social expectations.

How do you assure the quality of my order?
Every printed shirt is reviewed for quality assurance by the print shop supervisor.

Do you have samples of your products available for viewing?
Printed and non-print garment samples are in the Gateway Ink print shop. You are always welcome to make an appointment with the shop manager at to stop by, view the samples and discuss shirt options.

How do I pay for my order?
Invoices are sent out through email, using the email address on file. After an order is placed, we will send a link which allows payment online by credit or debit card. Payment can also be made by check, made out to “Merakey Pennsylvania".

Why do I need to provide a deposit?
A 50% deposit is required before we will begin work.  Gateway Ink must purchase shirts to be customized. To avoid monetary losses associated with cancelation, a deposit is required prior to placing any shirt order with the supplier.

Where are you located?
13758 Denham Road, Baton Rouge LA 70818. Keep checking in with us because, more locations are coming soon. 

What is your turnaround time for orders?
Turnaround starts once shirts arrive from the supplier. There is a quoted two week turn on all orders. You will be notified if your order will require more attention and time for production.

Do you have a minimum order?
No, we accept all orders! However, keep in mind that small orders are more expensive because of the costs of creating the screens and our shirt suppliers’ rates. Consequently, your cost per piece is reduced as the shirt order is increased.

How much will it cost to have shirts printed?
Our prices vary based on the number of shirts you request to have printed and the number of ink colors used. Contact us for a quote! For a basic pricing structure, please see our pricing guide.

What is required to place an order?
To complete an order, we must confirm the shirt brand and style you want.  We will also need to know the number, size distribution, and color of shirts for your job. Finally, you will need to adapt or create the artwork for your customized shirts.

What is the best format for art files?
Vector files saved to .PDF, .AI, .EPS; all text converted to outlines or with font files included.

Can I submit a hand drawn-design to be printed?
Yes, hand-drawn designs must be scanned using a scanner at 600 DPI at a high valued setting and emailed to us.

Can you create artwork for me/what are your art fees?
Yes, we do provide graphic design services for a fee of $15.00 an hour.

Can I have my design printed in different sizes on my garments?
Yes, however each design size will be considered its own job, and will be invoiced accordingly.

What is the largest size my design can be?
The largest design we can print on a shirt is 8.5 X 10.5 inches.

Will I receive a proof?
Yes, all proofs must be approved via email before your order can continue on to production.

How many ink colors can I have printed on my shirt?
We can print a maximum of 4 colors.

Can I order multiple garment colors and styles for the same design?
Multiple shirt colors may be subject to a fee. Please contact Kimmie Joffrion, Print Shop Manager at for additional details.

Can I have different ink colors printed on my garments using the same design?
Yes, but we do charge an ink change fee of $10 per color.

Can you match my company’s pantone color?
Yes, pantone matching is available through our supplier for a fee.

Can I provide my own garments?
Yes, but they must be pre-approved to assure compatibility with the screen print process.  One additional shirt per size is supplied for quality control purposes.

Do you print on sleeves?
No, we do not currently have the equipment to print on shirt sleeves.

Do you do heat press?
No, we do not provide heat press services.

Do you print on anything else other than T-shirts?
We can print on 100% cotton bags, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tank tops.

What else do you make?
We will soon offer customizable 3-inch buttons.

Is there a way I can donate to your program?
Yes, you can donate via the link below.

How can I volunteer with your organization?
* To volunteer with the Day Skills Program please contact Maggie Giles at
* To volunteer in the print shop please contact Kimmie Joffrion at