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Merakey Autism Center Ellsworth

WELCOME to Merakey Autism Center ELLSWORTH (Washington County | 724-239-2539)

The Merakey Autism Center Ellsworth is a private licensed academic school serving the needs of students with an autism spectrum disorder and emotional support needs. We opened our doors in 2011 and have partnered with local school districts, service providers, families, and the community to service students ages 5-21. The Merakey Autism Center Ellsworth currently serves over 15 students and can accommodate up to three autism classrooms and three emotional support classrooms. The goal of the Merakey Autism Center is to enhance the development of the students' social skills, while providing academic instruction. It is important to us that the students are active participants within their community. At the Merakey Autism Center, students focus on academic skills, communication, life skills, transition to the workplace or post-secondary education environment, self-regulation, social skills, sensory needs and executive functioning. Our educators are Certified Special Education Teachers who strive to bring out the best in all of our students. They implement evidenced-based instruction and differentiated lessons to meet the needs of each student.

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School Address:  3 Oak Street/ P.O. Box 625 Ellsworth, PA 15331 (view map)
School Phone Number: 724-239-2539
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 855-530-4853

Name: Lindsey Gamble
Title: Director
Email: Lindsey.Gamble@merakey.org
Name: Lisa Defloria
Title: Office Manager
Email: Lisa.Defloria@merakey.org
Rachel Sage
Name: Rachel Sage
Title: Lead Teacher
Email: Rachel.Sage@merakey.org
Take a walk around our school and in the classroom!

Cameron M.'s Success Story

Cameron M. - Success Story Cameron M. - Success Story Cameron M. - Success Story When Cameron joined NHS School Ellsworth as a Kindergarten student in 2014, he was unable to walk or communicate. Upon entering NHS School Ellsworth, a team consisting of Cameron's parents, a school district representative, teacher, principal, speech therapist, and physical therapist, met to discuss how to proceed with Cameron's education.

Everyone agreed that the ultimate goal would be to get Cameron to walk and communicate independently. The physical therapist was able to assist in getting Cameron a walker that would help him learn to walk on his own. The speech therapist was able to create and implement a picture communication book to assist Cameron in communicating his wants and needs. Cameron, with the use of his walker, can now ambulate throughout the school. In addition to his increase in communication and physical strength, Cameron has also demonstrated strengths in socializing with his classmates and staff.

Jacob learns to speak

Jacob is an eleven year-old student in our Autism classroom. One of his parents' biggest concerns was that he would never talk. We have been working every day since Jacob was enrolled here last year on helping him to develop the skills he needs to form sounds and words. Currently, Jacob can say seven words, all functioning to his day-to-day living. These words include "yes, no, help, eat, mom, car, and ball." We also use sign language with him to help enhance his vocabulary even further. I spoke with Jacob's father recently and he could not believe that he is using his voice to speak. He reported that Jacob will now ask for help when he needs something at home. Hearing stories like this makes what we do at NHS all worth it!