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Effective April 1st, NHS Schools have changed their name to Merakey Education and Autism! NEW NAME, SAME MISSION.
Merakey Education Center Chambersburg

WELCOME to Merakey Education Center CHAMBERSBURG (Franklin County | 717-261-1163)

The Merakey Education Center Chambersburg provides educational programming in full-time Autistic Support and full-time Emotional Support classrooms to students ages 5 through 21. A Pennsylvania certified special education teacher and a highly qualified classroom aide lead instruction in each classroom where a low student-to-staff ratio is maintained at all times. Verbal behavior, applied behavior analysis, individualized programming, speech therapy, and occupational therapy services are provided in our school. Cognitive behavioral interventions and therapeutic instruction guided by a Masters - Level Clinical Specialist enhance our Emotional Support program. Our center works in collaboration with local school districts and community providers to offer individualized and quality education for each student.

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Coffee Café

Coffee Café

(05.21.2018) - Recently, students from the Merakey Education Center Chambersburg began selling iced coffee to staff on Wednesday mornings.

The students take orders, prepare the coffee, and handle the exchange of money. The profits they make help fund their classroom activities, such as field trips or a new project for the classroom. Not only do they have fun running the café, but the staff members love it!

Cheering on the Special Olympics

(05.21.2018) - On May 10, students from Merakey Education Center Chambersburg cheered for those participating in the Special Olympics at the local Chambersburg High School track. They saw many athletes competing in track and field categories who pushed themselves to be their best!

Special Olympics

ASD Classroom's Recycling Program

(04.09.2018) - In honor of Earth Day, throughout the month of April the ASD classroom at Merakey Education Center Chambersburg began a recycling program! Students set up recycling bins in the school’s cafeteria for cans, plastic, cardboard, textiles and glass. Staff encouraged the students to reach out to their families to send in items to be recycled as well.

Recycling Program

Celebrating Spring

(04.09.2018) - Students and staff celebrated the beginning of Spring on March 29, with the ES classroom holding a coloring contest. Students were encouraged to color their pictures using bright, Spring-like colors. The ASD classroom also celebrated on March 20, with a trip to Rita’s Water Ice for a treat!

Springtime Celebration

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

(03.27.2018) - On March 16, the school celebrated St. Patrick’s Day! Students and staff wore green, and held a party in the cafeteria with holiday-themed cupcakes. The students also learned about the history of the holiday.

NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

A Trip to Red Robin

(03.27.2018) - NHS School Chambersburg’s ASD class enjoyed a lunch out to Red Robin to exercise the daily life skills they’ve been learning! They ordered their food, paid for their meal on their own, and practiced social skills. The students and staff had a wonderful time and enjoyed the food – especially the French fries!

NHS School Chambersburg Takes A Trip to Red Robin

Bowling Fundraiser

NHS School Chambersburg Goes to the Movies(03.14.2018) - Students from the NHS School Chambersburg participated in the 4th Annual Bowling Tournament this year alongside staff and NHS Foundation members! This year’s tournament encouraged company-wide participation, and the students enjoyed raising money for the NHS Foundation, which helps support NHS’s array of programs. Students had a great time bowling at Nellie Fox Bowl in Chambersburg, PA and were able to raise $39 for the Foundation.

NHS School Chambersburg would like to thank the bowling alley for providing a discount to the students.

Going to the Movies

(02.02.2018) - The ASD classroom at NHS School Chambersburg won the monthly ticket drawing by earning the most tickets in December. They won by demonstrating three characteristics that NHS prides their students on displaying: be responsible, be respectful, and be your best. The class chose to go to the movies to see Paddington 2. In preparation to see the movie, the class learned all about Paddington the Bear. The class read stories and even made Paddington themed crafts!

NHS School Chambersburg Goes to the Movies

Studying Action Maths

NHS School Chambersburg Studies Action Maths(01.24.2018) - Students in the ASD classroom at NHS School Chambersburg have been studying Action Maths, a series of books created by teachers to make math more fun to learn. The class has been having a good time learning all about different math skills. This week was about different shapes, and how they can create a pop-up jungle! The students loved cutting out all the different shapes and colors.

Holiday Spirit

(01.19.2018) - The holiday spirit was alive and bright at NHS School Chambersburg on December 20. Students and staff received a surprise visit from Santa Claus! Everyone enjoyed reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' with Santa. Students also had fun playing festive games, eating good food, listening to music, and making crafts.

Holiday Spirit

Operation Christmas Stocking

(01.11.2018) - Students In the Emotional Support classroom at NHS School Chambersburg learned about giving back, especially during the holidays. One of the community projects that students participated in was Operation Christmas Stocking. Each student decorated a stocking for a person in the military who would not be home for the holidays. Gratitude is our attitude here at NHS School Chambersburg!

Operation Christmas Stocking

New Van

(02.08.2017) - Students at NHS School Chambersburg were excited to take several trips into the community recently in their brand new van to practice life skills learned in the classroom. Since the van arrived in September, the students have gone on many field trips, including grocery stores to purchase inventory to replenish supplies in their student-run café. Students also have the opportunity to practice other skills in the community with the use of the van, including learning how to appropriately act when in a bank, how to react while in a pet store, how to use social skills at restaurants, and many others.

New Van at NHS School Chambersburg New Van at NHS School Chambersburg

Celebrating the Holidays

(01.05.2017) - On December 21, Santa came to town and brought more than just toys and games. Students at NHS School Chambersburg enjoyed a special meal, a visit with Santa, and learned a surprise music lesson. Carla Pakstis, the Emotional Support Teacher at the school, led a school-wide holiday themed sing-along. She played the piano and incorporated some students' talent by having them link online music to her piano tunes. Parents, teachers, and students joined in on the community caroling before the winter break.

NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates the Holidays

NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates the Holidays

Fall is a Time for Feasts and Creativity

Hosting Chicken BBQ and Open House(12.12.2016) - NHS School Chambersburg put their own twist on celebrating a traditional holiday. Staff cooked and served a traditional Thanksgiving holiday feast, and the students contributed just as much to the meal preparation! They created unique weaved placemats and fall-themed decorations for the school. Tradition, modern twists, and teamwork made the event truly a success!

Hosting Chicken BBQ and Open House

(10.29.2016) - NHS School Chambersburg held their first annual Smith's BBQ Chicken Fundraiser and Open House on October 29. The event was a huge success, as staff and volunteers sold more than 200 chicken dinners and raised over $1,000 to fund additional materials for their transition curriculum, which prepares students for real life and vocational experiences. More than 20 families took school tours, and learned about the quality programming NHS School Chambersburg has to offer! Thank you to all staff and volunteers for your participation and efforts!

Hosting Chicken BBQ and Open HouseHosting Chicken BBQ and Open House
Since his arrival to the NHS School Chambersburg in 2008, Jacob has made significant strides behaviorally, academically, and socially. When Jacob first joined our school, he spent most of the day managing behaviors and implementing the structure of a school day. Jacob, in time, decreased his behavioral concerns, and thus substantially increased his educational time. With this, we have seen great development with life skills, such as money management, writing, time management, and self-care. We have also seen tremendous progress in gross and fine motor abilities, development of positive coping skills, improved speech and social skills. At times, staff will refer to Jacob as the "Mayor" due to his exuberance in greeting all of his peers and staff. Jacob's special personality leaves an indelible mark on every individual he befriends, a mark that will always be with them.

Take a walk around our school and in the classroom!

School Address: 2593 Philadelphia Avenue, Chambersburg, PA 17201 (view on map)
School Phone Number: 717.261.1163
Education and Autism Services Administration Office Number: 724-532-2302

Margaret  Kirton Name: Tiffany A. Smith, M.Ed.
Title: Education Director
Email: Tiffany.Smith01@merakey.org
Archived News from School Year 2015-2016

Studying Mexican History

(05.12.2016) - Students learned Mexican history and past/present culture in anticipation for the May 5th Cinco de Mayo holiday. Throughout the week, students and staff engulfed in reading Mexican literature and studied past and present traditions. Their studies included how to make homemade Mexican food and fruit drink dishes, the craft of pinata making, and which "fiesta" games were most popular. At the end of the week, students and staff presented their research by making their own fruit drinks, pinatas, and setting up/playing traditional fiesta games.

NHS School Chambersburg is Studying Mexican History NHS School Chambersburg is Studying Mexican History

Building Friendships

(02.19.2016) - Students and staff from NHS School Chambersburg celebrated making and maintaining friendships at their Valentine's celebration on February 12. Students used social skills learned in the ECLIPSE model and through their research of the "hidden curriculum" to participate and help plan the event collaboratively. Of course, making and dipping their own sundaes as part of fine motor practice made the day all that more "sweet!"

NHS School Chambersburg is Building Friendships

Visiting a PA Farm Show

(01.22.2016) - Students from the NHS School Chambersburg's Emotional Support Classroom visited the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA on January 15. Students and staff enjoyed visiting the many animal exhibits, and learning hands on about the care and importance of Pennsylvania livestock and agriculture for our economy. They also participated in trivia games, testing their previously learned knowledge about Pennsylvania agriculture. The trip was a unique experience allowing students to explore science and social studies concepts learned in the classroom in a real-life setting.

NHS School Chambersburg Visits PA Farm Show

Studying Volcanoes

(10.09.2015) - Students at NHS School Chambersburg have been studying the different parts of a volcano. This week,the volcano "erupted" during science class to understand the effects lava has on transforming the earth's surface. Students predicted and then observed which solution created a better "eruption": Pepsi and mentos candy, or vinegar, baking soda, and water. The latter solution won!

NHS School Chambersburg Studies Volcanoes NHS School Chambersburg Studies Volcanoes

Welcome Tiffany Smith!

NHS School Chambersburg Visits Local Sunflower Farm(10.02.2015) - NHS School Chambersburg welcomed Tiffany Smith as Educational Director at the beginning of the new school year. Tiffany will be providing her skills on a full time basis, while current Educational Director, Mark Scheitle, will be part time. Tiffany has her Master's degree in Education/Curriculum and Instruction from Shippensburg University and has extensive experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. She is looking forward to working with staff and students to continue to grow NHS School Chambersburg.

Visiting a Local Sunflower Farm

(09.25.2015) - NHS School Chambersburg staff and students ventured out to a nearby sunflower farm in Marion, PA on September 18. The focus of their trip was to gain a better understanding of the wide variety of agricultural types in the south central Pennsylvania area, specifically the sunflower seed-oil and birdseed businesses. Students also had the opportunity to learn about crop diversification and the pollination process. After the trip, the students created a beautiful mural for the school as a reminder of the information they learned there and the memories that were made on the field trip.

NHS School Chambersburg Visits Local Sunflower Farm NHS School Chambersburg Visits Local Sunflower Farm NHS School Chambersburg Visits Local Sunflower Farm

Archived News from School Year 2014-2015

Welcoming an Art Major Intern

NHS School Chambersburg welcomes Katherine Kelly, an interdisciplinary art student from Shippensburg University. She will be doing weekly art activities/lessons with our students, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for fourteen weeks. Katherine plans to pursue a Masters in Art Therapy immediately after graduation in June. We look forward to her endeavors here as she meets requirements for her internship at NHS School Chambersburg.

Gardens are BloomingGardens are Blooming

Archived News from School Year 2013-2014

Gardens are Blooming

With warm weather approaching, the students have begun work on their garden! The students prepared the soil for this year's crops. Our staff reviewed the names of the gardening tools, how to appropriately use them and the process behind plant growth. Everyone is looking forward to planting the garden and enjoying the bounty of food we all hope it produces. The students will begin to plant various vegetables and flowers in the coming weeks!

Gardens are BloomingGardens are BloomingGardens are Blooming

Happy Easter!

On Thursday, April 17 the Easter Bunny stopped by the school to hide eggs! The bunny hid eggs specific to each student's dietary needs and particular tastes. Our staff assisted the students in looking for hidden eggs all over the playground and then helped them create baskets to share with their families. Earlier in the week students also boiled and dyed eggs to place in their special holiday baskets! It was an afternoon of fun for all involved.

Happy Easter!Happy Easter!Happy Easter!

A Miniature Horse Visits Our School

On Wednesday, April 16 we had a four legged friend make a special visit. Bubbles, a miniature horse, traveled all the way from Maryland to offer our students an opportunity to get up close and interact with this familiar farm animal. Bubbles was a special treat for the students who loved taking turns riding her around, feeding her treats and even brushing her! Everyone got a chuckle when she got ready to leave and climbed into the back of her owner's car! It was quite a site to see!

A Miniature Horse Visits Our SchoolA Miniature Horse Visits Our School

Celebrating Autism Awareness Day

The students and staff wore blue and participated in a local walk to Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness Day on April 2. Participants walked a local track, handed out balloons, enjoyed music and bouncy castles. The local Chambersburg community came together and provided a day of fun in the sun to celebrate children on the autism spectrum and help others understand the impact of autism.

NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates Autism Awareness DayNHS School Chambersburg Celebrates Autism Awareness Day

NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates Autism Awareness DayNHS School Chambersburg Celebrates Autism Awareness Day

Baking Up Goodies

The Life Skills Classroom had a fun time "baking" during the month of March. The students made cookies from homemade clay and painted them to decorate their classroom door. The clay was a great sensory tool and the students worked on learning how to measure different items in the kitchen.

NHS School Chambersburg is Baking Up Some GoodiesNHS School Chambersburg is Baking Up Some Goodies NHS School Chambersburg is Baking Up Some GoodiesNHS School Chambersburg is Baking Up Some Goodies

Local Fireman Visits Our School

The students had a visit from a local fireman at the beginning of March. The students learned about fire safety and how the fire department responds to calls for assistance. They also had the opportunity to try on the fireman's gear; they loved putting on all the different parts of a fireman's protective suit.

Local Fireman Visits NHS School ChambersburgLocal Fireman Visits NHS School Chambersburg Local Fireman Visits NHS School Chambersburg

Autism Awareness Lunch 'n Learn

Autism Awareness Lunch 'n LearnTuesday, April 1, 2014, 11:30am - 12:30pm
Student Center Conference Room (Bring your lunch - drinks and dessert will be provided!) Download flyer
April is the Autism Awareness Month
Topics include:
- What is the Autism Spectrum?
- What are some effective ways to help students with autism?
- What resources are available on campus and in the community for autism support?

The Alternative Energy Club will collect donations April 1 - 11 for the Autism School in Chambersburg. Items needed include: glue, tape, left-handed scissors, pencil grips, adaptive pens and pencils, dry erase markers, paper towels painting smocks, tennis balls (for chairs), various size pants with tie waist, socks, various size underwear, coloring books.
This event is sponsored by HCC's Alternative Energy Club, Disability Support Services Department, and your Student Government Association.

Students Celebrate Mr. Clifton's Last Day

NHS School Chambersburg Students Celebrates Mr. Clifton's Last Day NHS School Chambersburg Students Celebrates Mr. Clifton's Last Day NHS School Chambersburg Students Celebrates Mr. Clifton's Last DayNHS School Chambersburg students celebrated Senior Support Staff Mr. Clifton's last day with pizza and cake. Mr. Clifton has been with NHS for four years, he began his career with the Carlisle school providing support as a Personal Care Aide. In 2011 he transferred to the Chambersburg site as the Senior Support Staff where he helped students both in and out of the classroom. Mr. Clifton coordinated and oversaw the annual Sensitive Santa event as well as the local PQI team. All the students and team members at the NHS School Chambersburg will greatly miss him!

NHS School Chambersburg Teams up with Toys for Tots

After a water main break flooded the NHS School Chambersburg, students and staff were relocated to new location for the repairs which could take up to three weeks. The water main also affected the neighboring Toys for Tots facility. During the flood, NHS staff members and students spent hours salvaging toys that had been left over from Christmas. These toys are now being donated to families in need throughout the community. The students and staff have displayed their resiliency over the past week and have come together in this time of devastation.

NHS School  Chambersburg Teams up with Toys for Tots NHS School  Chambersburg Teams up with Toys for Tots NHS School  Chambersburg Teams up with Toys for Tots

Hosting 2nd Annual Sensitive Santa Event

NHS School Chambersburg Hosts Annual Sensitive Santa Event Our school hosted the Second Annual Sensitive Santa event on Saturday, December 21. Students, their families, staff, and members of the community came to the school for holiday fun and refreshments. Among the festivities of the day, were Caroling with Nancy, arts and crafts, and meeting Santa. Each student was able to visit with Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Also, Santa gave each student a gift and each family was given a complimentary photo of their child with Santa.

2nd Annual Sensitive Santa Holiday Celebration

Santa December 21, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - the NHS School Chambersburg cordially invites families with children who have sensory or other special needs and their siblings to the second annual Sensitive Santa event. Enjoy a sensory-friendly visit with Santa and fun activities for the whole family.
  • Enjoy complimentary refreshments
  • Resources for parents
  • Receive a complimentary photo with Santa
RSVP for a Santa time slot by contacting Misty at 717-261-1163.
Time slots to meet with Santa will run in 10 minute increments. If you believe that your child/children might require more than 10 minutes to visit with Santa, please let us know.

Download flyer

Annual Fall Feast

The NHS School Chambersburg held their Annual Fall Feast on November 27 for students, parents, and staff. The cafeteria was transformed into a Thanksgiving themed dining area with the help of the staff and students. The Life Skills classroom made the decorations to make the dining area very festive and the high school students made mashed potatoes gravy and a festive gingerbread house. The annual feast gives parents, staff, and students a wonderful chance to celebrate each other and enjoy a terrific meal while spending time together during the holidays. The meal was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

NHS School Chambersburg Holds Annual Fall FeastNHS School Chambersburg Holds Annual Fall Feast

NHS School Chambersburg Holds Annual Fall FeastNHS School Chambersburg Holds Annual Fall Feast

Students Spread Holiday Cheer During Music Class

The students at the NHS School Chambersburg practiced their holiday songs this week during their bi-weekly music class with Ms. Nancy by playing instruments and stretching their vocal cords. It is a wonderful time for all the students to interact with one another and provides a  therapeutic way to spend part of their afternoon.

Ms. Nancy and her accompanist will also be joining the school for their annual Sensitive Santa event to be held on December 16 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. For more information and to RSVP to meet with Santa Claus please call 717-261-1163.

New Playground

playgroundThe NHS School Chambersburg received a brand new playground, complete with a swing set with four swings and two extremely popular and fun “spinners” the students absolutely love!

This playground will give our students the ability to get some fresh air, exercise and quality socialization time with their peers.

Bench Donation

Students at the NHS School Chambersburg had a very exciting week with pumpkin carving, picture day and spirit week. They also received a handmade bench, donated by one of our personal care aides Jessica L. and her husband, Eddie. Eddie made the bench and the students hand-painted it. This bench makes a great addition to our school and the students were proud to personalize it!

Bench DonationBench Donation

A Visit from...

The Franklin County Fire Department visited the NHS School Chambersburg on October 9, in honor of Fire Prevention Week. Students were able to explore the fire truck, try on the fireman's apparel and learn how to prevent and stay safe if a fire occurs. The fireman also gave all the student's their own fireman's hat and a bag of goodies concerning fire prevention.
fire department fire department fire department fire-department fire-department

Honoring National Bully Prevention Month

The NHS School Chambersburg is honoring National Bully Prevention month with the creation of a bully pledge bulletin board. The bulletin board is displayed in the front lobby with, "THE END OF BULLYING STARTS WITH….EVERYONE!" The students and staff signed the pledge and wore orange on October 9 to raise awareness of the cause. The community is also getting involved to raise awareness about bully prevention. The Franklin Fire Department and the Chambersburg Mayor stopped by to sign the pledge, learn more about the school and receive a tour of the building! All are invited to stop in and sign. The school hopes to reach 250 signatures by October 31!

NHS School Chambersburg Honors National Bully Prevention Month NHS School Chambersburg Honors National Bully Prevention Month

NHS School Chambersburg Honors National Bully Prevention Month NHS School Chambersburg Honors National Bully Prevention Month

Singing Along

Students at the NHS School Chambersburg received a special treat when Nancy H., an NHS employee, visited to entertain the students with music. Nancy and her assistant sang and played the keyboard while the students sang along. They had a terrific time singing, dancing, and playing various instruments. It was a very nice treat for the students and staff. We can't wait to have Nancy come in again to soothe us with her sounds, and excite us with her energy!

NHS School Chambersburg Sings AlongNHS School Chambersburg Sings Along

Archived News from School Year 2012-2013

Students from the NHS School Chambersburg Continue Tradition

The middle school students at the NHS School Chambersburg are continuing their custom of reading to new students in the life skills classroom this year. The two classrooms come together once a week to read stories to each other selected from the school's library or from the Book Mobile. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to practice their socialization skills and their ability to wait and take turns. All of the students look forward to the collaborative reading time each week.

Students from the NHS School Chambersburg Continue Tradition Students from the NHS School Chambersburg Continue Tradition

NHS School Chambersburg and Stepping Stones Programs Receive Donation from Orrstown Bank

The NHS School Chambersburg and Stepping Stones programs received a generous donation of school supplies from Orrstown Bank. Employees at the bank put together a Fill the Bus for NHS event. Items collected included pencils, erasers, notebooks and highlighters. As a thank you, the students created hand-painted cards, which the bank displayed in their lobby.

NHS School Chambersburg and Stepping Stones Programs Receive Donation from Orrstown Bank

Students Taste the Fruits of their Labor

NHS School Chambersburg students planted lettuce, onions, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and carrots in two gardens before the end of the regular school year. When they returned for the Extended School Year, they resumed care of the gardens. Each student is responsible for different jobs including watering on a daily basis, picking weeds and monitoring the veggies growth. All their hard work began to pay off this week, when the students and staff were able to create delicious, fresh salads for the entire building. As the summer progresses, our students will continue to harvest and try the new foods they grow!

NHS School Chambersburg Students Taste the Fruits of their Labor NHS School Chambersburg Students Taste the Fruits of their Labor

Our School Gets a Green Thumb

NHS School Chambersburg students got green thumbs this week learning how to plant a garden. The students will be taking care of two garden beds that NHS School staff Stephen T. built and donated to the NHS School Chambersburg. The students learned how to plant garden items and what the plants need to grow. The students will be responsible for watering and maintaining the garden, and the vegetables produced will be incorporated into cooking and science lessons.

NHS School Chambersburg Gets a Green Thumb NHS School Chambersburg Gets a Green Thumb NHS School Chambersburg Gets a Green Thumb

Celebrating Field Day

NHS School Chambersburg celebrated Field Day at Norlo Park on May 30. The students enjoyed the Carnival themed day with rotating game centers featuring candy apple decorations, bean bag toss, over sized bowling, a fishing game, sand art, water relay races and a water balloon toss. The students also enjoyed the park which included a historical train car, walking trails, a modern playground, and a volley ball court. The students and staff also enjoyed pizza donated by the Wayne Avenue Papa John's!

NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates Field Day NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates Field Day NHS School Chambersburg Celebrates Field Day

A New Sensory Swing

We have added a brand new sensory swing to our sensory room, which the students love using during breaks and therapy sessions. The swing offers the therapist the capability to help the students experience a wide range of tilting, spinning, swaying movements while working on posture, balance, and speech.

NHS School Chambersburg gets a New Sensory Swing

Light It Up Blue

LIUB2013The NHS School Chambersburg celebrated Light It Up Blue on April 2 in honor of Autism Awareness month.

The staff and students wore blue to spread the word about the awareness of Autism.

First Annual Therapeutic Recreation Carnival

Chambersburg CarnivalThe NHS School Chambersburg celebrated its First Annual Therapeutic Recreation Carnival on Saturday February 23.

Students, Stepping Stones participants, and members of the local community were all invited to attend the carnival which included a variety of activities including, playing instruments, creating picture frames, and riding a mechanical horse, provided by the local Therapeutic Horse program.

Lastly, everyone participated in a scavenger hunt around the school looking for prizes.

Learning to Play Golf

NHS School Chambersburg students got into the swing of things this week with SNAG Golf. SNAG, Starting New at Golf, is a program to teach the game to individuals of all ages and ability levels by using age appropriate equipment and programming. The elementary and Life Skills classrooms learned the basics of the game during physical education class. Students practiced holding a club, aiming, and hitting the golf balls in the school's sensory room. Staff provided assistance as needed to ensure the balls were on target.

The students enjoyed the sport and look forward to improving their golf skills each week!

NHS School Chambersburg Learns how to Play Golf NHS School Chambersburg Learns how to Play Golf

Renovating the Skill Development Center

Students at NHS School Chambersburg came back from holiday break to a newly renovated Skill Development Center. This specialized room is equipped with an apartment style living area where students can practice folding and putting away clothing, making a bed, and setting a table. The room also features cubicle desks that allow students to work independently in a low distraction setting.

This new center provides the opportunity for Occupational and Speech Therapists to work with students in a quiet and relaxed environment, outside of their regular work area. Pre-vocational bins are also stored in the new center, which allow students to work on fine motor tasks to help them appropriately manage demands that may be placed on them once they graduate from NHS.

chambersburg Skill Development Center

Chambersburg Students Get into the Holiday Spirit

NHS School Chambersburg students got in the holiday spirit this week by decorating their classroom doors for the door decorating contest and making ornaments to hang on the lobby's Christmas tree. The students decorated the tree with wreaths, snowmen, and handmade presents. The results of the door decorating contest will be announced on December 21 before the students leave for holiday vacation.

Christmas tree door decorating door decorating

Sensitivity Santa comes to NHS School Chambersburg

The NHS School Chambersburg held its first Sensitivity Santa event on Saturday, December 15, hosting over 40 families from the school, the Stepping Stones Program, and members of the community. The families enjoyed gluten free refreshments, decorated Christmas cards, had their faces painted, and sharedg experiences and resources about raising a child with autism. A photo shoot area was set up with a pine tree background, a candy castle, and a life size nutcracker for everyone to take pictures with their friends and family. The children also had the opportunity to sit with Santa for a photo and share their Christmas requests. Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a wonderful event!

Sensitivity Santa1 Sensitivity Santa2

NHS School Chambersburg gets a Donated Sign

NHS School Chambersburg gets a Donated SignThe NHS School in Chambersburg and Stepping Stones Program had a brand new sign installed on December 4, which was donated by a local business in the Chambersburg area. The staff anticipates this generous donation will help providers and families easily locate their building.

As a thank you, the students made cards and sent them to the business that donated the sign.

Chambersburg held its annual Thanksgiving Day Feast

Thanksgiving Day Feast Thanksgiving Day FeastThe NHS School in Chambersburg held its annual Thanksgiving Day Feast on November 21 for families, students, staff, and friends. The high school students prepared lunch to include, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing. The staff made pasta salad, green bean casserole, baked corn, coleslaw, key lime pie, and cookies. The life skills classroom set the tables and made turkey and scarecrow center pieces. Everyone in attendance enjoyed their time eating, socializing, and expressing their thanks for such a wonderful time!

Farm Field Trip

picking pumpkins hay ride Noah's Ark farm attractions Noah's Ark farm attractionsLife Skills and Elementary classrooms ventured to Reynolds Farm in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania where students enjoyed a hayride out to the pumpkin fields to choose their very own pumpkins. Students also experienced the Corn Cannon and Rope Climb, Goat Walk, Caterpillar Slide and Noah's Ark farm attractions.

Door Decorating Contest

Fall Fest Door decorating contestThank you to all who participated in the Fall Fest Door decorating contest, putting great thought and hard work into this event. Students and staff did a wonderful job of promoting the Fall Fest helping to make our contest a success. The doors could be decorated however students and staff wanted to decorate them, but the one rule was that students were supposed to do eighty percent of the decorating and staff twenty percent. Because everyone followed this rule, the school was beautifully decorated for the fall.

Congratulations to the winner of the contest, the Elementary classroom!